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McDonald’s Introduces 5 Different Shamrock Shakes This Year, Including a Chocolate One!

This year, McDonald’s won’t just be selling the standard Shamrock Shake . . . they’re also doing a CHOCOLATE Shamrock Shake.

They make it by filling the bottom half of the cup with chocolate milkshake and the top half with the shamrock. Then they put whipped cream, green sugar crystals, and a little chocolate syrup on top.

And that’s not all… McDonald’s will also be serving up the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, the Shamrock Hot Chocolate and the Shamrock Mocha.

Unfortunately, the last 3 don’t come in the minty green color!


See more info on each new beverage below:

–The original Shamrock Shake features vanilla soft serve, mint syrup, whipped topping, but this year it may come with a sprinkle of granulated green sugar and a cherry.

— The new Chocolate Shamrock Shake consists of half a chocolate shake (on the bottom) and half a Shamrock Shake (ayered on top.

–The Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé is a mocha frappe with whipped topping, green sugar and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

–The Shamrock Hot Chocolate, like McDonald’s original hot chocolate, is a blend of milk and chocolate syrup, but with the addition of mint syrup, too.

–The Shamrock Mocha, another hot beverage, is similar to the Hot Chocolate, but comes up with a shot espresso.


Brand Eating reports that the Shamrock shakes are already available in select locations but the official rollout is February 7th!


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