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Top 10 Pre-Grammy Backstage Moments!

As we’re getting ready for the biggest night in music – wouldn’t it be cool if you could go in to it with some backstage info that no one really gets to see?


Web Producer Lizzy and I flew to L.A. to do some pre-Grammy interviews with the artists in town (and nominated) and here are my notable picks!

Top 10 Backstage Moments Leading Up to the 2017 Grammys

Chance the Rapper Rebecca Ortiz

1)2017 is def the year of Chance the Rapper! We all know he’s from Chicago – and he said what he misses most about home is the food! He even gave a shout out to Harold’s Chicken and Lou Malnati’s! PS- Barack Obama said Chance was his fave artist and when I asked him about it he said Barack was his fave president EVER and that they were good friends. I smell the greatest Bromance ever blooming!

img 6470 Top 10 Pre Grammy Backstage Moments!

2)Martin Garrix had a pic on Instagram posted of he and Justin Bieber the day before we saw him! So does that mean they’re working on music together? Sorry Beliebers, but Martin said no. He said they are just really good friends and were hanging out! I LOVE THAT!! But he did say it would happen…someday!

img 6503 Top 10 Pre Grammy Backstage Moments!


3) When Grammy-nominated Lukas Graham stopped by, we had Twix candy bars EVERYWHERE (they were a sponsor) so the band was chowing down on them the whole interview. (Being nominated so much gives you an appetite! LOL) They put their wrappers down to sign a poster we had and never grabbed them (AKA they left their mess)…

Gnash Rebecca Ortiz

4) We talked to Gnash right after (who is just as cool and awesome as you’d imagine) Lukas Graham and when he went to sign the poster before I could grab the wrappers out of his way he took them. He said he had their back! HAAAA! Good lookin out Gnash!

img 6430 Top 10 Pre Grammy Backstage Moments!

5)Amber Rose and Dr. Chris from Love Line stopped by (I sat in the middle and it was an amazing sandwich )and if you thought Amber was gorg in pictures – you would collapse. I honestly was so struck by how beautiful her skin is! Pictures do not do her beauty justice! PS – Dr. Chris said he would love to run in to Chris Martin from Coldplay on Grammy weekend. Amber Rose said she wanted to run in to herself.

img 6440 Top 10 Pre Grammy Backstage Moments!

6)Mike Posner has a book of Poetry coming out! All written by him so look for it in March. Even cooler though is he recorded an audio book version (for Audible) and besides himself, one of his special guest readers is JUSTIN BIEBER!! Everybody is friends with the Biebs right?

img 6429 Top 10 Pre Grammy Backstage Moments!

7)When Daya stopped by to say hi she said she STILL wears her Cubs jersey that we gave her at the Pepsi Summerbash! PS- She’s getting ready to headline her first tour so she’s coming to Chicago soon!!!

Austin Mahone Rebecca Ortiz


8)When the Chicago Mahomies found out I was talking to Austin Mahone the B96 Twitter went bananas! So took 3 of YOUR questions to ask him! Be sure to look for the interview on soon! PS- He said he LOVES Chicago and B96 and would be back soon!

Ray Parker Jr. Rebecca Ortiz

9)So everyone knows the “Ghostbusters” song right? Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Well Ray Parker Jr. came by (he’s got a new reality show on the way with his sons who are getting started in the music industry) and I was careful not to fan girl out about “Ghostbusters” because it wasn’t mentioned in his bio and some celebs get upset when you bring up the past (example – Matt LeBlanc [Joey from Friends] allegedly refuses to answer any questions about the show. “He’s moved on”) BUT, I asked him a random question and he responded “I mean ‘Who ya gonna call’?” – so then it was like a green light ha ha.

Margaret Cho Rebecca Ortiz

10) I’ve been a fan of Margaret Cho FOREVER so getting to see her was so exciting for me. So what were her plans Grammy weekend? She’s actually hosting! The actual Grammy’s Live Show only features about 10+ big awards and there are 83 categories total. So there’s show BEFORE the show that has a ceremony for the rest= Margaret Cho. I asked her if she was told to NOT touch certain subjects (She’s a comedian and likes to say the stuff we’re all thinking) and she said no. She also joked she was going to present an award to herself.


Pre-Grammy weekend was a BLAST! Be sure to check out all our pics and interviews on AND Instagram at B96Chicago!

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