By Lizzy Buczak

It’s raining poop… hallelujah oh s**t!

Students had to evacuate their basement classroom at New York University’s Bobst Library on Tuesday because there was literally POOP leaking from the ceiling.

“We were just sitting in class and all of a sudden there was a whirring coming from above the ceiling, and then it sounded like rain falling down,” Conor Hudnut NBC 4 New York.

Instead of making a run for it, Conor decided to film what was going on!

“Then this black liquid just came seeping from the ceiling and it smelled like human feces, and it was just really gross,” he continued. “It smelled horrible. And it got on some kids’ desks, and it was gross so we all just wanted to leave.”

Matt Nagel, NYU’s director of public affairs, made a statement saying that the leak wasn’t poop.

 “Some social media reports identified this incorrectly as a sewage line,” he said. “The leaked liquid was simply stagnant water.”

Um water with poop maybe?

Whatever it was, it was definitely a crappy day for everyone involved.


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