By Rebecca Ortiz

All the Britney lovers gathered around their T.V. last night to excitedly watch the life that Britney Spears led/leads come to life in Lifetime’s “Britney Ever After” ~ so was it as epic as we’d hoped?

In a nutshell it should’ve been called it, “Britney Ever Awful”.

Aside from the bad acting and casting, unless you knew Britney’s life well (how she got started, her career timeline and alleged personal drama) you would’ve been lost in a choppy mess.

The movie attempts to have Natasha Bassett as Britney telling her story in-front of a camera interview style (with her Mom doing some of the “storytelling” as well) with reenacted clips and horrible made-up dialogue in between (in a scene hanging out with *NSYNC in their tour bus, Britney tells the group “Get out the crackers because Joey [Fatone] is bringing the cheese”).

The Twittersphere was going nuts because of costuming, (Britney and Justin’s iconic MTV jean outfit didn’t look anything like it) and they didn’t use any of Britney’s music! It’s a movie about a pop star! What gives?

Licensing! It’s expensive to get the rights to use the actual songs! And since this movie was not authorized (meaning Brit or her team did not work with them or approve the script) the non-Britney music, paired with the other debauchery and the “dancing” (Britney just swinging her head around on a stage, in the dark with 6 dancers) made this disaster all the can’t-stop-watching magic that it was.

Some positives from the movie…

Casting for the yellow snake named Banana (from the “Slave” video/performance) was on point. Banana killed it.

AND, Clayton Chitty was HOT! He played K-Fed…who is not…so if anyone portrayed in the movie was thrilled about it, it was him.


Watching this movie last night I said about 3 times it was horrible and I couldn’t watch…and then watched it til the end.


As a die hard Britney fan, I was waiting or hoping that we’d get to see she and Justin Timberlake fall in love, how they were as a couple, why it really fell apart. Was that the reason for the head shaving and her erratic behavior? And K-Fed? Having her 2 sons so close together! What about all the Sam Lufti drama? Instead we got a jank-looking JT knock-off all of a sudden there, jealous and then gone after a hot mess dance-off, K-Fed gone, 2 random babies there and then gone…and then hey look it’s Sam Lufti. In the words of Brit herself, “Gimme gimme more. It’s Britney b*tch!”

Check out some of the other reactions to #BritneyEverAfter :


If you missed it or want to see it again to make your own review, Lifetime has it online to watch anytime here: Britney Ever After

What did you think of it?


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