By Lizzy Buczak

We love that it is currently 70 degrees in February in Chicago but that doesn’t necessarily mean good things for our environment.

Climate researchers are worried about how unseasonably high temps will affect plant life and other agriculture.

Flowers and other crops will most likely bloom early, thinking that spring is here.

If a cold-snap were to occur, it would damage buds and diminish fruit production, specifically putting apple orchards at a high risk, resulting in a huge loss for the economy.

And if you aren’t too concerned about the agriculture side of it, you might care that warm winters tend to bring out more pests.

David Kristovich, Head of Climate and Atmospheric Science Section said that mosquitoes and other insects are usually wiped out when we have cold winters but if the winter is warm, they’re more likely to appear in higher numbers.

The unseasonably warm weather is also bad for your pups because it allows a bacteria called “Lepto-spirosis” to breed.

“While we’re all super excited about 70 degree weather, it is sort of the perfect storm for Leptospirosis exposure,” said Dr. Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital.

The bacteria is spread through rats and can be deadly to pups.

And lastly, it’s also putting quite a dander damper on allergy sufferers, who are experiencing symptoms quite early in the season. Read more about that HERE!





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