By Lizzy Buczak

#Delena shippers, get ready!

We’re a few episodes away from the very last episode of The Vampire Diaries and The CW keeps throwing 10-second promo teasers at us.

At first, it was just Elena being very confused after waking up from a long slumber.

Then, we saw her come face to face with Stefan – not exactly the brother we were hoping she’d see first.

Now finally, we got a sneak peek at the reunion you’ve been waiting for!

In the teaser, Damon approaches Elena’s empty casket and is shocked. As he’s about to have a panic attack, he hears her voice from behind him.

As he turns around, they lock eyes for the first time and SCENE.

Here’s the bad news – the lyrics of the song used in the promo are “we all are living in a dream.”

Could this be a subtle hint from Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson?

How upset would you be if it turned out Elena’s big return was only in Damon’s mind/ a hallucination. I seriously hope I’m wrong about this guys!

Damon and Stefan’s black suit’s could also be a hint that they are attending a funeral, which would make sense since Bonnie has to die in order for Elena to wake up again.

Here’s to hoping Kai helped them find a loophole!




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