By Lizzy Buczak

Ugh, what a mess.

Word “ousside” is that the viral “Cash Me” girl is dating the “GraTaTa guy” that you might remember back when Vine was a thing.

No idea what I’m talking about.

Here’s an unnecessary throwback:


The backstory – well it’s a little NSFW and very Rated R.

The GraTaTa dude tweeted “Just hit ms cash wit da finga smash as she screamed daddy, she a coo girl an I jus had to give her a taste.”

In English – they did some stuff and she called him daddy and he thinks she’s cool.

It gets a little more disturbing than that though because Danielle, who I guess now calls herself “Ms Cash,” is only 13 YEARS OLD.

And if that’s not bad enough, the GraTaTa dude, whose real name is Bryan Silva, is 25-YEARS-OLD.

Do the math. It’s illegal.

Silva has since deleted the tweet and we’re just hoping it was all some kind of “rap lyric” that wasn’t based on a true story.



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