By Lizzy Buczak

Names say a lot about a person which is why picking a baby name is so important. (Check out the list of best baby names here!)

A new study puts even more emphasis on the the question “what’s in a name” by revealing their “Most Attractive Names in the World” list.

In the study, attractive is defined by going on the most dates so please keep that in mind as you take notes.


In New York (and the US) the top most attractive male names are:


2. Matt

3. Ben

4. Jason

5. Simon


In New York, the top most attractive female names are:


2. Nicole

3. Jessica

4. Alexandra

5. Katie


Now for Europe – because yes, America and Europe are very different tastes.


The most attractive European names for males are:


2. Adrien

3. Julien

4. Vincent

5. Alexandre


Most attractive European names for females are:


2. Camille

3. Sarah

4. Charlotte

5. Paulina


And in Barcelona – the winners are Marc, David, Jordin, Albert and Alex. For women it’s Laura, Marta, Cristina, Anna and Andrea.


Would you agree?


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