By Rebecca Ortiz


Happy Oscars! The biggest night in movies is tonight!

Below are 10 cool facts about the show that will make you want to watch it to look for them!

So get red carpet ready! The show starts at 7:30pm (pre-show at 7pm)!

10 Things To Know About Tonight’s Oscars

1)Remember last year how every one was upset that the nominees lacked “diversity”? Well EVERY category has it this year! Take a look at all the nominees here: 2017 Oscar Nominees

2)You know how you always hear about people being nominated for years and never winning? The MOST nominated (and non-winner) is sound mixer Kevin O’Connell! He’s been nominated 20 times and NEVER won! Tonight makes 21! He’s up for best sound mixing for the film “Hacksaw Ridge”. Fingers crossed Kevin!

3)We’re always so shocked to hear how much commercials cost during the Super Bowl…well the Oscars is right up there! A 30-second commercial during tonight’s award show costs $2.1 million dollars! Does that mean they’ll be Super Bowl entertaining? Here’s hoping for that much cash!
Getty Images 4) So the actual award that winner’s get is a 24-Karat plated statuette. It has some weight to it – but it’s not solid gold. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s worth, the current value is about $696 dollars. With the price of gold going up and down it changes. But of course to the winner it’s priceless!

5) I’m a red carpet girl . I love to see what everyone is wearing and gush. That carpet that everyone tramples on is worth about as much as some of those designer dresses! The carpet itself is 16,500 square feet and costs about $30,000! Is that plated in gold too? LOL

6) The show itself is about 3-hours from start to finish (not counting the pre-show). The cost of crew who put it on, to the stage theatrics and talent (host) equals a total cost of $42.8 million dollars. It IS the biggest night for the movies…so I guess it only makes sense…or dollars and cents :p

7)I mentioned a host! And this year Jimmy Kimmel returns! Member last year when his Mom made PB&J’s for everyone? You know he’ll bring more fun this year!

8) John Legend will be performing! His music is nominated for Best Song in a motion picture from La la Land! And it’s LIVE – which John kills it at!

9) Also in that category is my boyfriend in my head Justin Timberlake = he’ll be performing too! He’s nominated for “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the movie Trolls.

10) Last but not least – just like most sports teams, etc…people place odds on the Oscars in Vegas! So why not have that kind of fun with who ever you watch with? Bet drinks (for 21 and old of course lol), candy or maybe even dollars if you’re a baller!

Enjoy the show! And be sure to check back at to see highlights after!



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