By Gabe

Every Monday after working on The J Show I go straight to Windy City Fieldhouse to play basketball with some buddies that are in the bar/hospitality industry. Sure getting a workout in on a Monday afternoon is fun, but in all honesty, we show up for the post game activity – trying out different bars/restaurants around the city while I mooch off their industry discount!! Each week we try everything from burgers to bacon boards so I figured I’d merge the two and create “BasketBarhopping.” Each week I’m gonna report back on a different Chicago watering hole and let you know who has the best drinks, food and SPECIALS!!

This week we stopped by The Drinkingbird, a dimly lit bar with a pretty cool pool table in the back room. It’s located right next to Pequod’s Pizza (so hard not to stop in for a slice) and kinda kiddie corner to Webster Place Theater. We decided to sit at the bar (what a surprise) and started with a round of Old Fashioned’s. Sammy, the cool as a cucumber cocktail connoisseur let us know that we walked in on “Old Man Mondays.” At first I was insulted, I mean, after 3 hours of basketball you’d be limping up to the bar too but then I realized it was just the name of their weekly special:

Old Man Mondays

  • $3 O.G.D. Shots
  • $4 O.G.D. Mixed Drinks
  • $6 O.G.D. Old Fashioned
  • -OR- O.G.D. Manhattan

I couldn’t tell if I was drinking baby Jesus juice or the sweet sweat of Beyoncé but Sammy sure threw down on the O.G.D. Old Fashioned. The drink was so good after a couple of sips I started to hear Salsa in my head but then a few seconds later I realized it wasn’t the mini Tito Puente in my ear, they were ACTUALLY playing salsa at the bar. When I asked if they played Salsa often Sammy simply replied, “We play whatever feels right.”

Well, after downing our first round of drinks what felt right  for us was making the transition to our groups second favorite drink, The Classic Daiquiri. Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Rum. The rum of choice was (Plantation White). Seems like an easy drink to make but the right mix of ingredients is key. That back of the neck tartness is tough to master. Shaking as if he had 10 Polaroid pictures in each hand, Sammy didn’t disappoint! The Classic Daq did NOT come out wack.

From the drinks to the staff to the ambient music, we definitely felt like we picked a winner.

Without a doubt we gave The Drinkingbird 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 Beer mugs!!

I can’t wait to go back, hopefully our picture is not on the wall like, “Do not let in!” 🚫🚫🚫

wp image 1263416258jpg BasketBarhopping With Gabe: The Drinkingbird

PhotoCredit @sammyfaze #sammyfazephotography

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