And N.W.A. got crucified for saying "F--- the Police!"

By Annie Reuter

YG has been outspoken regarding his distaste for President Donald Trump. The rapper released his controversial single “F— Donald Trump” (“FDT”) in March of last year when Trump was selected as the Republican nominee for the White House and has been performing it live ever since.

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However, not everyone wants the rapper to play the controversial song. When YG booked a March 3 show at San Diego State University, event organizers made him sign an agreement that he wouldn’t play the song during his set, reports NME. While his alleged $60,000 paid gig included these terms in his contract, YG didn’t seem to care and performed the song, anyway.

Several students in the crowd filmed YG’s performance of “FDT” and confirmed that he will be forfeiting his payment for playing the song.

This is far from the last time YG will play the song live. And expect the rapper to take more swipes at the President. In September, before performing “FDT,” YG invited four concertgoers on stage to take a swing at a papier-mâché modeled after Trump. After beating the fake President to a pulp, they then picked up the pieces strewn across the staging and batted them out into the audience.

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