By Gabe

Every Monday Gabe and his restaurant buddies play a little basketball then head to a local bar to relax and unwind. Basketbarhopping is a blog dedicated to the good eats and great bar staff of Chicago.


This week’s lucky libation:

There’s nothing like walking in to a place knowing you’re about to destroy some food. You could smell the pizza dough rising as soon as you walked through the doors of Piece Brewery & Pizzeria. Carl, are awesome server, started us off with some chips and guac while we decided which pizzas NOT to get (we were so hungry that seemed easier). My restaurant industry friends quickly noticed Paul Kahan of Publican Quality Meats was the creator of the Pizza of the Month titled “Belly of the Beast Pizza.” Aside from the fact that 10% of the proceeds went to a culinary kids foundation, I couldn’t say no to the combination of spicy pork belly sausage, parmesan, red onion and arugula. We wanted to try a few other pizzas so we went with The Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage Pizza, an extremely flavorful pizza with a little kick that was recently put back on the menu. We also wanted to try something classic (When I say WE I actually mean ME) so we went with our own boring build-your-own-pizza creation of sausage and green pepper, exciting I know!!

**One of my buddies made a great suggestion that I’d like to pass on to you. When ordering from Piece, its best to go with 2 to 3 MEDIUM pizzas as opposed to 1 or 2 LARGE pizzas. Reason being, the middle tends to get VERY soggy when you order a LARGE and no one wants some flimsy New York Pizza (Yes that was a shot at NYC; Chicago all day).

pizza paul kahan Basketbarhopping With Gabe: Piece Brewery And Pizzeria

Anywho, the pizzas were so delicious there’s no doubt the ninja turtles have them on speed dial but the winner of the prettiest pig at Piece goes to their “Supperfluous Trippel” – a strong, golden, belgian ale. See I was dehydrated from Basketball and I wanted something crisp and refreshing so Carl suggested I start with the “Golden Arm” – a German-style Kolsch bier. After inhaling the pint in just under 4 gulps I knew I needed to take the party to the next level. Enter Supperfluous. Aside from its super cool name it also sparked some debate. One of my buddies thought Trippel refered to the amount of wheat in a particular beer but another one of my beer snob besties let us know “Trippel” actually refers to the amount of Malt in the beer. Regardless, there was no arguing on whether the beer was delicious or not, there’s no doubt it was well worth the 10 year wait!

pic trippel Basketbarhopping With Gabe: Piece Brewery And Pizzeria

I enjoyed every second of Piece, from the beers to the food, even the staff was extremely hospitable. So much so, Fernando from the front of house, graciously gave us 20% off AND sent me home with 2 growlers of the equally awesome beer “Astronaut Haus.”  I thought the perks were because of my devilishly good looks but I found out he’s just a big fan of Showbiz Shelly and I was just reaping the benefits!! Seemed like a fair trade to me 😊

Overall the Monday Misfits give Piece Brewery & Pizzeria  🍺 🍺🍺🍺

Have a bar you want Gabe and The Monday Misfits to visit? Email him at


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