By Lizzy Buczak

The age old debate – should we lower the drinking age in the United States?

A new proposal is asking that Illinois lower the drinking age… but NOT for everyone.

If passed, the drinking age to buy would still be 21 but would allow 18-year-oldw to be served beer or wine at restaurants, WITH a parent’s permission.

Hard liquor will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Now the bill has it’s fair share of supporters and opponents.

Some say that people continuously develop until the age of 25 so hindering alcohol consumption is the best option.

Others believe that allowing teens to start drinking at 18 will actually decrease binge drinking once they become legal.

Other arguments in support – if you’re able to go to war when you’re 18, you should be able to have a drink.

The drinking age in Europe for the most part is 18, with some states allowing alcohol consumption at 16.

A few states in the US have picked up the new law including Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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