By Lizzy Buczak

The Vampire Diaries is airing its series finale and while we’re completely distraught, we decided to celebrate by re-living some of the show’s best moments.

From crazy cliffhangers, to love stories, to death and loss, TVD had it all.

We can only thank the cast and the writers for giving us a show filled with so much emotion, craziness and magic, for creating a world where anything was possible and an 18-year-old girl could fall in love with a 150-year-old vampire and it wouldn’t be weird.


1.Katherine’s Back (Season 1, Episode 22)

Katherine was a treat and hands down the best villain the series ever had. We first met her right after Damon kissed “Elena.” We thought we were getting a super cute #Delena moment until she  got into the house and sliced off Uncle John’s fingers, revealing that Katherine had made a comeback to Mystic Falls to shake things up. Maybe it’s because we didn’t know what to expect from TVD and everything was so new but this moment will forever be the OG jaw drop for me.


2. Damon and Elena’s Dance (Season 1, Episode 19)

There is nothing more iconic than Damon and Elena’s Miss Mystic Falls dance. It was a turning point in Elena’s relationship with Damon as she finally saw him for more than the monster. Funny enough, Stefan actually left her hanging because he was getting his ripper on in the forest. For fans, this was the first moment they actually realized they were shipping Delena so like I said, turning point.


3. Klaus Kills Aunt Jenna (Season 2, Episode 21)

Klaus was introduced as the big bad and he proved it when he killed Aunt Jenna. There were many deaths in season 1 but none that were this emotional shocking mainly because Jenna was collateral damage; an innocent bystander. And she was killed in the most brutal way while Elena watched helplessly. Klaus proved that vampires really are creatures that should be feared while Elena suffered from yet another loss of a parent. And this was just the beginning of the many losses the Salvatore brothers would bring into her life.


4. Elena is Turned Into a Vampire (Season 3, Episode 22)

The idea of becoming a vampire wasn’t knew to Elena, she entertained the idea because of her relationship with both brothers. However she made her decision, choosing to live out her mortal life, which was obviously foiled by Rebecca who forced Matt and Elena’s car of Wickery Bridge… similar to the death her parents suffered. Elena made Stefan save Matt, dying the way she was originally intended. As everyone mourned, Elena took a breath and became a vampire. It was her “second chance” and the show’s rebirth.




5. Katherine Gets Forced To Take The Cure and Becomes Human (Season 4, Episode 23)

Katherine spent much of season 4 looking for The Cure and when she finally got her hands on it, she was forced to ingest it by her doppleganger Elena. The scenes the followed proved that Katherine as a human was not nearly as badass as when she was a vampire. And now she was susceptible to the common cold.


6. Elena Burns Her House Down (Season 4, Episode 15)

This was hands down one of the BEST episodes in the series. Elena was grieving Jeremy’s death and just decided to burn the whole house down and all the memories with it. Damon hopes he can use the sire bond to change her mind but Elena is unstable and her emotions are turned off. “What if you want to come home again,” Stefan asks. “I won’t,” Elena says without any emotion.


7. Damon and Elena’s Motel Kiss (Season 3, Episode 19)

Quite possibly the HOTTEST episode ever. There had been so much sexual tension building between Damon and Elena and finally, in a dingy motel room, they were overwhelmed by the moment and went for it. Even better, Elena let her guard down and ran to him, finally admitting what we all knew – that Damon was the only man she needs and loves. And just like that #Stelena went out the door and #Delena was forever cemented.


8. Bonnie and Damon End Up in 1994 and Meet Kai (Season 6)

Everything about the 1994 storyline was fantastic. Damon and Bonnie were forced to live in their prison world together and formed a beautiful bond, which has carried through till the very end. And we were introduced to another incredibly fun villain – Kai. I like Kai so much, sometimes I forget he’s evil until he tries to kill someone again.


9. Stefan is Silas’ Doppleganger (Season 4, Episode 23)

The doppleganger mythology has been in TVD’s veins since the first episode but we just assumed it ended at Katherine and Elena. Turns out, we were wrong. Why not have even more fun with these actors in multiple roles right? Stefan was shocked to see that his doppleganger was the villain Silas and even more surprised to find out that Elena and Katherine were descendants of Amara, Silas’ love, meaning that they were destined to be together centuries before.


10. Elena Actually Meets Damon First (Season 3, Episode 22)

Elena tells Damon that things may have been different if they met first, insinuating that her love story was always meant to be with Stefan. Except that’s not necessarily true. Elena actually met Damon first but doesn’t remember it because he compelled her, not wanting anyone to know he was back in town. When we first meet Elena and Stefan in the pilot, that’s not necessarily the first time she’d met a Salvatore. Her fate was always tied to Damon… and the moment allowed him to deliver this quote:  “You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure and even a little danger.”



BONUS 11. Bonnie Forces Stefan to Take the Cure (Season 8, Episode 11)

One of the more recent moments but proof that TVD never stopped being able to deliver twisted cliffhangers. Stefan was in full on ripper mode and had come for Elena’s body. Bonnie is fiercely protective and when he killed Enzo, she hit him with that instant karma, injecting him with the cure and turning him human for the first time in a 100 plus years. Game changer? Definitely. We never imagined that Stefan would once again be a human considering the series always focused on two vampire brothers. Bad things always happen to Bonnie but she always knows how to best deal. And who wasn’t intrigued to see how Stefan would handle being mediocre again, especially since he was in love with a vampire now.




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