By Lizzy Buczak

In honor of National Napping Day – yes, it’s a real holiday – we wrote a list of things that every person who loves taking naps understands.

Not only are naps quite enjoyable, they’re also good for your health.

A short nap around 20-30 minutes is recommended for improved short-term alertness and will leave you feeling more focused and can even improve performance.

Those who are stressed are also encouraged to nap to relax and lower blood pressure.

And if you want to convince someone your nap is 100% necessary, tell them that one study found napping at least 3 times a week resulted in a 37% lower death rate due to heart problems.

So check out our list and take a nap after, we recommend it!


1. You Never Accept Last Minute Plans

You don’t even mind if napping affects your social life because you are just one with the bed and too lit to take the best nap ever.


2. You Can Literally Nap Anywhere

The kitchen counter, on your desk…. on the Blue Line. Yep, I’m that girl and PROUD OF IT.


3. You Have To Strategically Plan Naps

If you nap from 6pm to 8pm, you won’t fall asleep till 1am, so you really have to think it through. The nap is always worth it though.


4. You Get Mad At Yourself That You Didn’t Appreciate Preschool Nap Time

Seriously… how do kids hate nap time? It’s the best time of the day.


5. You Asked Your Boss If You Could Nap During Work

It will like increase my productivity and stuff…


6. You Totally Don’t Mind Taking a Nap With Friend

Who would ever say no to naps? You’ve snuggled up with you BFF and taken a nap before. It’s kind of like your thing. #NappersInCrime


7. You Can’t Just Lay in Bed Without Napping

Reading, talking on the phone, etc. cannot be done in bed because you will without a doubt, fall asleep.


8. You’ve Totally Taken a Nap and Waken Up The Next Morning

Hey, you’re just giving your body what it wants.


9. Waking Up From a Nap Angry and More Tired

You legit thought your nap was supposed to make you feel refreshed but your more tired than ever. And cranky at that.


10. Weekend Naps are the Best

No responsibilities… just a girl and her nap time. Best part – you don’t have to set an alarm clock!


11. Realizing You Don’t Have Time To Take a Nap Is The Worst 

I don’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone… I just want to nap. Is that so hard? What did I do to deserve such cruelty?


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