By Lizzy Buczak

As we gear up to watch the season finale of This Is Us, we’re fortifying ourself with tissues, especially since the cast wants it will be “intense as hell.” Uh, like every episode isn’t?

Much of the focus for the latter half of the season has been on Randall and Beth, who have gone through a lot from uncovering Rebecca’s deciet, to suffering an emotional breakdown to the death of his biological father, which also prompted him to quit his job.

Star Susan Kelechi Watson reveals that this chapter of his life is evolving him into a different person, which will ultimately take a toll on his marriage.

“As Randall begins to find who he is now that his father’s gone… something that reflects Randall and honors not just William, but his whole journey,” she says.

Actor Justin Hartley reveals that the finale will be unlike anything we’re used to seeing and the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, says the finale focus on “before the ever was a Jack and Rebecca.”

“You see them in their much younger years as they’re figuring out what kind of lives they want for themselves,” Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly.

While we know the revelation of Jack’s death is a “little ways away,” it’s still on everyone’s mind.

How does he die?

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be a drunk driving accident because that would be too obvious for the series right?

So for now we know: what Kate confessed to Toby – that his passing was “her fault” and it happens fairly soon since Randall, Kevin and Kate were all still teenagers.

So with that morbid thought in mind, we decided to brainstorm different ways that Jack might eventually die.


1. A jealous Ben kills Jack after he shows up at the bar to get his girl

2. Jack walks in and sees Rebecca and Ben flirting so he drinks the pain away and then commits suicide. While we really hope this theory isn’t correct, we’ve heard several people mention suicide when trying to figure out what leads to Jack’s very last breathe.

3. Jack is diagnosed with a terminal illness right after Rebecca comes back from tour, possibly sped up by his drinking problem. Maybe he too had cancer and William’s death brought forth all these memories and emotions for Kate.

4. Remember when William’s boyfriend said that he took up an interest in football to help a young man at AA? Well that man could have been Jack who was getting help for his alcohol addiction. And so in fact, he did meet William and bonded with him, just never realized he was Randall’s father. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful twist?

5. Jack was in some kind of accident while playing sports

6. Jack jumps on a plane and it crashes. This would explain why all the Pearson kids are on edge when they have to hop on a plane.



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