By Rebecca Ortiz

Know someone who’s homesick?

The smell of this candle will allegedly make you feel like your back!

The company is called “Homesick” and this is how they describe their state / city smells:

We started hand-pouring candles in our kitchen as a hobby, crafting scents that reminded us of the people and places where we grew up. Our friends asked us for versions of their own home states and Homesick Candles was born.

Cool right?

So what does Illinois smell like?

Inhale the memory of grain fields and a floral bouquet of honeysuckle, lavender, white flower, and violets (the state flower of Illinois). Breathe deep and you’ll catch hints of grain fields, light breezes, and a touch of vanilla and lemon.

Does that make you think of home?

If you lived in a floral shop maybe!

They do have some “city smells” but sadly no Chicago…yet!

Let’s help them out! What should the Chi-town candle smell like? Hopefully no like an L stop! HA!

I vote Garrett’s Popcorn! :p

To see other states click here: Homesick Candles


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