I’ll say this, Chicago knows how to go up on a Wednesday.

We threw our very first St. Patrick’s Day bash this week called Lectric Leprechaun and from the moment we opened the doors, there was an electricity at the Aragon unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

Fans of all ages donning green outfits and light up shoes gathered around the stage waiting to get completely wild with Grandtheft, CashCash, Krewella and Steve Aoki.

Whenever you go to an EDM show, you’re gearing up for a rager but that’s especially true for a St. Patrick’s Day concert given the holiday ranks fourth on list of biggest drinking days, behind New Years.  Green beer, Guiness and whiskey anyone?

So Lectric was the unofficial kick off to the holiday… or an extension for those who celebrated last week when Chicago dyed the river green.

You know it’s serious when we celebrate for TWO weeks straight right?

Grandtheft kicked off the night creating a club atmosphere with heavy trap beats, including “Easy Go,” synced up to an impressive and rather trippy light show.

CashCash took the stage next and two of the three – Jean Paul and Sam – brought their usual stage antics to really hype the crowd up.

This is our time, Chicago. #CashCash #LectricLeprechaun

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With all the jumping and dancing, you probably couldn’t even tell Jean Paul was battling a serious cold. Only a high caliber artist could pull that off. (And he avoided shaking Steve Aoki’s hand backstage as to not get him sick so props on being a good human!)

Then Chicago got a taste of Chicago – we’re talking about Northbrook’s duo Krewella!

The sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf delivered an energetic set filled with old hits like “Live For the Night” and more recently, “Team.”

Live for the night! #LectricLeprechaun #Krewella #EDM @krewella

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They even threw in a dope remix of “Bad and Boujee,” so you can only imagine how lit the crowd got. Rain drop, drop top. 

Best of all, the sisters performed while rocking Chicago attire – Jahan wore a Bulls jersey and Yasmine’s shirt read “Chicago Girls Do It Better.” You know it.

Sweat. Confetti. Glitter. Glowsticks. It was flying everywhere which meant we were nearing the final and most anticipated act of the night – Mr. Steve Aoki himself.

The man, Mr. @SteveAoki!!! #LectricLeprechaun

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Steve’s set was a mix also a mix of oldies, goodies and newbies.

There was “No Beef,” “Pursuit of Happiness” and his new hit with former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson “Just Hold On.”

Still recovering from #LectricLeprechaun! #JustHoldOn #SteveAoki #LouisTomlinson

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Halfway through his set, Steve took off his shirt as the crowd roared and knew it was almost that time….

We’re obviously referring to “Cake Me.”

Steve, like his fans, takes the whole caking thing REALLY seriously and launched a total of 10 CAKES on fans simply asking for it.

Everyone knows that after cake, you need to wash it down with some champagne showers – only at an EDM show right?

Steve closed out the night on a different note with “This Is What We Started,” an anthem for music lovers living their best life.

The song has turned into an anthem for this generation – following their guts, working hard, sharing their passion, and expressing their true selves through dance music.

And that’s exactly what we were all doing on a Wednesday night, weren’t we?

Most of us came from school or from work to let loose for a few hours, have a few drinks, hang out with friends and just let the music take us into the night.

Thanks for coming out the Lectric Leprechaun and see you again next year.

No thank YOU @steveaoki! #LectricLeprechaun #SteveAoki #CakeMe B96.com/Lectric

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You can check out all the interviews with the artists right HERE!




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