By Lizzy Buczak

Bebe Rexha has a voice that can fill arenas but for her “All Your Fault” tour, she opted for a more intimate venue in an attempt to connect with her dedicated fans.

She herself said it, she’s not making any money on this tour but for an artist who hustled to the top taking no shortcuts, it’s more satisfactory.

As she sings in “F**k Fake Friends,” she’s not here for the Hollywood fakes and the bandwagon fans – she wants to honor those who come out before she’s made it to the primetime.

So last night, Bebe’s incredible voice filled the Metro Chicago as she gave partied with her biggest fans…. the Rexhars.

Bebe was unapologetically herself as she took the stage – a little late – clad in a red cloak, singing “Bad B**tch.”

GALLERY: Bebe Rexha “All Your Fault” Tour Stop – Metro Chicago

03202017 beberexha metro148 Bebe Rexha Is Larger Than Life During Intimate Show at Metro Chicago

Credit: Floyd McCraney

The song was really he definition of who Bebe is – an Albanian girl dedicated to her dream with a strong connection to her Brookylyn roots.

And that’s what fans love most about her.

From the first song to the last one, they couldn’t stop dancing and basking in all her bad-ness, even helping her when her voice got the best of her during her rendition of “Monster.

True fans, as she pointe out, would know she wrote for Eminem and Rihanna.

Watch Bebe cook “Lazy Girl Pasta” from B96’s CBS Radio Culinary Kitchen HERE.

It’s blatantly obvious that Bebe’s not someone you’d want to mess with so I was surprised when she asked for someone to come on stage and rap Nicki’s verse from “No Broken Hearts,” fans “faked” it for a chance to snap a selfie.

I was convinced Bebe was going to thrown down Brooklyn-style, especially when one girl ruined her flow completely when she didn’t know the words.

Finally, a Pakistani-fan saved the day, serving up a verse that would make Nicki Minaj weak at the knees.


Seriously, this was Bebe’s reaction:

03202017 beberexha metro308 Bebe Rexha Is Larger Than Life During Intimate Show at Metro Chicago

Credit: Floyd McCraney


It’s easy to get caught up in an artists glory and it occurred to me that I never realized that Bebe has so many smash hits – radio hits that she says B96 sometimes gets first. (Thanks girl!)

For her set, she went through them all – “In the Name of Love” with Martin Garrix, “Me Myself and I” ft. G-Eazy, and “Hey Mama” with David Guetta.

We even saw a glimpse of 2015 Bebe on “Can’t Stop Drinking About You” before she finished big with her 2017 single, “I Got You.”

Aside from putting on a massive party on a Monday night, Bebe stunned by delivering a performance that didn’t shy away from her actual studio recordings.

In this day and age, it’s not a secret that artists enhance vocals using autotune but Bebe proved time and time again that she’s realer than real and more than worthy of this moment, her moment.

Safe to say, there were no broken hearts left at the Metro last night…. not after that hearing that voice sing and seeing those hips twerk.



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