It has been an ongoing problem for the Death Row Records co-founder.

By Annie Reuter

Suge Knight was admitted to the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center on Wednesday (March 22) to treat his ongoing battle with dangerous blood clots. This isn’t the first time the Death Row Records co-founder returned to the hospital during his two years in prison to deal with the health issue, reports the  New York Daily News,

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Knight’s fiancée tells the publication she has been questioning the medical treatment he has been receiving while incarcerated for an attempted murder charge filed in 2015 after he allegedly ran over two men in California.

“I am worried because Suge is supposed to receive the proper medical care everyone in custody is entitled to,” Toi-Lin Kelly said. “Doctors have said Suge’s blood clots are life threatening.”

Part of his condition requires Knight to receive daily blood thinning medication. She fears the medication isn’t being administered regularly or on time.

“It has been two years of in and out of the hospital, dealing with the same blood clots because the hospital doesn’t want to deal with the pressure of the Sheriff’s [jail officials] while he is seeking care,” she said. “So no, I am not confident they care about his well-being, if at all. I can tell you we are well documenting the actions of the jail and USC Medical so we can stay on top of this.”

Knight has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in jail.

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