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90s Heartthrobs You’re Still Crushing on Today

The 90s were such a good time. Not only was the music really good but we had some seriously good looking heartthrobs.

I mean, when it comes to the guys that ruled the 90s, we were pretty spoiled right?

Now, I believe I’m qualified to put this list together because I was a young girl in the nineties and I had posters of EVERY single one of these dudes hung up in my room.

Truth be told, if one of these guys asked you out in the present – you’d still say yes.

Take a look at our list of 90s heartthrobs you still love!


1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s heartthrob days started in the 90s with Romeo + Juliet And Titanic. Seriously, no one could resist those blond locks and baby blues. We’ll never let go Jack.

gettyimages 51095945 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

(Courtesy Of John Clifford/New Line Cinema) (Photo By Getty Images)




2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

There is nothing more nineties than JTT! You remember him – he was the voice of Simba in The Lion King and then had a long run on Home Improvement. God that was a good show. But seriously, there was no one more dreamy than Jonathan.

gettyimages 51096483 e1490375887562 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

(Photo By Getty Images)






3. Erik von Detten

Erik wasn’t a major star but those who watched the Disney Channel knew him from Brink! and So Weird. (Ah the good days.) Last we saw him, he was being a cute jerk on the Princess Diaries. 

gettyimages 1327518 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today



4. Nick Carter

So Nick Carter is still around these days but he’s no longer the cute baby of a massive boy band. Okay scratch that, he definitely still is. His peak hotness though? Definitely anytime in the 90s when he was signing “I Want It That Way.”
screen shot 2017 03 24 at 12 22 33 pm 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

Credit: Screenshot “I Want It That Way”

5. Justin Timberlake

The other adorable cute and cheesy boy bander. Personally, I couldn’t decide between Nick and JT when I was younger but I do have to admit, looking through it, JT went through a rough patch (ramen hair, bad clothes, etc) and still made it out on top. AND he’s still hot so seriously, he’s the real winner.

gettyimages 749749 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

(Photo by Liaison)

6. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze. Jr was ALL THAT in the 90s – he had the puppy eyes, was goofy but still a total babe.

gettyimages 1444308 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today



7. Rider Strong

Every single girl had a crush on bad boy Shawn from Boy Meets World. He was troubled and living up his teenage years. Plus he had a great head of hair! TGIF for real!

Rider Strong Teen Magazine 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

Credit: Superstar

8. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez was the hunky guy all the teens drooled over because he was the closest we could all get to an adult man. Plus, he had swagger (90s swagger) and a dimple that made you melt. Every girl wanted a piece of A.C Slater!

GwpZLxgZEQ5IIRITBhZINhpaPRwRSDAWCQ9fUUJUWQMEEw== 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

Credit: Saved By The Bell



9. Ryan Phillipeee

Every teenage girl was obsessed with Ryan Phillippe the same way Reese Witherspoon was after Cruel Intentions. Those eyes and that baby face could put you under a spell!

gettyimages 855300 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today



10. James van der Beek

James van der Beek ruled TV in the 90s with his role as Dawson on Dawson’s Creek. He was hunky, hip (for the times) and just a guy you’d love to take home to meet mom. Let’s not forget to mention THAT luscious hair that you dreamt of running your fingers through.

gettyimages 1141127 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today



BONUS: Hanson

After MMMBop, every girl was obsessed with the blonde brothers.

gettyimages 856867 e1489506387744 90s Heartthrobs Youre Still Crushing on Today

4/4/98 Los Angeles, CA. Teen pop sensation, Hanson at the 11th Annual Kids” Choice Awards.


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