By Lizzy Buczak

April Fools’ Day is the only day where “fake news” is acceptable.

Companies have been going ALL OUT with April Fools pranks this year showing that they have a wicked SENSE of humor.

So on the first of April, don’t trust anything on social media and don’t believe anything you hear or see.

You’ve been warned.

Here’s a list of some of the funniest pranks of 2017 by company1



Lyft wants you to get MONO aka the kissing disease. The joke, you raise a glove to hail an “autonomous ride.”


Amazon introduces Petlexa, the Alexa for your pets. The joke – it turns the voice system into something that can communicate with only your dogs, cats and hamsters. And you  have no idea what they’re saying about you!


Burger King

Why brush your teeth with spearmint when you can wash your teeth with WHOPPER toothpaste?


Lexus announced “Lane Valet” which streets off left-lane drivers. I mean, we wish this was real. Could this be real? Check out the video, you’ll know what we mean.


T-Mobile made us think that the future was promising with the announcement of the T-Mobile smart onesie. It was described as the “complete fitness tracker ever created,” which means it also tracks your bladder content. Look, no joke, I would buy this.



Nestle decided to release coffee-flavor creamer. It took me awhile to figure out what the joke was….


KFC also took the “technology” route and announced the Smart Bucket – a voice activated Bucket that allows you to order KFC with voice control. I would also buy this… what does that say about me?


The retailer isn’t pranking you, it’s helping you pranked your loves one using a catalog of bogus products. Here are all their ideas!

Google Home launched Google Gnome – an assistant for the outside of your home. Warning: he’s got a bit of an attitude.


Has your pet always wanted to be a pet owner? Trulia is here to help with property listings geared towards pets with filters like “nearby hydrants” and “local bird watching.


Auntie Anne’s

The brand wanted to give its logo a facelift that’s more “modern” so they replaced the halo on top of their pretzel with a Snapchat flower crown. #Boss. “While it was an arduous process, the end result is a look that’s, as the kids say, ‘lit,'” the company said in a fake press release.


fools auntie annes Companies Are Going All Out To Prank Customers For April Fools


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Quilted Northern

The company fed into the health tracking craze with uSit, a device that tracks your bathroom habits, complete with a share to friends and social media button.HingeThe dating app is giving your dating life into the hands of the people that only want the best for you – your parents. The app gives parents the ability to control filters like timeframe for children and distance from parents. So in other words, this would RUIN your non-exisitng dating life lol!



The streaming box isn’t just giving you movies and shows, they’re also delivering snack recommendations based on your personal data and the content you are watching. Legit, I WANT THIS.




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