By Lizzy Buczak

Only a handful of Chance the Rapper’s BIGGEST fans were invited to attend “Magnificent Coloring World 2” this weekened.

Those who got the exclusive invite called the event “insane” and that Chance is a “real freaking artist.”

A rep for Soundcloud said “the 0.001%” that attended the hush-hush event represented  Chance’s top fans on SoundCloud who live in the Chicago area, based on a combination of engagement metrics such as listening, likes, reposts and shares on SoundCloud.”

That 0.001% of fans reported that upon entry, phones were confiscated and that there were many cameras, with one fan even saying the cameraman confirmed he was working for Netflix.


If that’s the case, it’s safe to assume Netflix was covering the event and we’ll soon be able to experience the “life-changing” experience on the streaming service.

That possibility only intensified with a tweet from Chance, that basically hoped someone from Netflix could come out for this weekend.

I guess we have to just wait and see!


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