By Nikki

Dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards whatever. If you have a pet in your life, you have unconditional love!

My life COMPLETELY changed when I got my first pet, my chihuahua Stella Donnatella:

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I was very cold and closed off, guard up, wall around me. Stella climbed over the wall, went past the guard, opened the door and let love and warmth in my heart. She was my everything, went everywhere with me in my purse or under my arm. I was devastated when she went to doggie heaven last summer. She was 16.

Pebbles came into our life about 8 years ago:

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At first Stella wasn’t having her but the eventually became BFFs:

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Beginning of 2007 we sought out a little sister to keep Pebbles company. Enter Molly Monsoon:

She is 2 pounds of trouble but Pebbles takes good care of her:

My life would have gone a different path if it weren’t for Stella Donnatella. If you have a pet, maybe you can understand. If you are searching for something, feeling empty, maybe a per can fill that void and your life with unconditional love.


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