By Lizzy Buczak

Since the Cubs won the World Series, things in Wrigleyville have gotten a bit pricy.

ESPN reporter Darren Rovell was the opening game last night and tweeted a photo of the concession menus.

Warning – The prices you are about to see might cause distress.

A Corona inside Wrigley is now $10, Old Style is $9.50 and a simple BOTTLED WATER is $5.25.

That’s outrageous.

Now compare that to 2016 when beers were roughly $7.75 and we thought that was expensive.

And to Binny’s where you can get a 12-pack of Corona’s for about $12 bucks and a 24 pack of 12.0z Old Styles cans for $10.99!

Now I know you’re always overpaying when you go out somewhere because it’s part of the experience but TEN BUCKS for one fricking Old Style?

However, people still went out to party at Wrigley, even when bars were charging insane covers just to get into a bar and sit down during the World Series games.

Me though, I haven’t lost my mind just yet.

So what do you think? Will deter fans from catching a game? Or will they gladly pay the price to see their winning team do it’s thang?



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