By Lizzy Buczak

Don’t put your Adele albums away just yet!

A new study publish in Scientific Reportsfound that listening to sad music might actually make you happy. Who woulda thunk that listening to Adele would actually MEND your broken heart.

In the study, participants filled out a survey while listening to music and reported on 4 feelings –  getting goose bumps, feeling shivers down their spine, feeling like weeping, or got a lump in their throat.

Those participants were then divided into two groups – tears and chills.

They listened to six songs and were asked to press a button whenever they felt an intended reaction.

The study found that both groups experienced deeper breathing and pleasure from songs.

Study authors concluded, “A song that induced chills was perceived as being both happy and sad, whereas a song that induced tears was perceived as sad as well as calmer. These results show that tears involve pleasure from sadness, and that they are psychophysiologically calming.”

I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s comforting to know that someone else understands the pain your going through?

There must be a reason why Adele is so famous right?



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