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Did Lucy Hale Just Reveal That Aria Is A.D on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

In the words of Aria Montgomery, “This can’t be happening.”

For the past 7 seasons, fans have been trying to figure out the big mystery that is Uber A aka A.D.

There are definitely a handful of suspicious characters but some fan have gone as far as suggesting that maybe the big bad is actually one of the Liars.

It’s hard to imagine any of our sweet girls doing such vile things to those they call “best friends” but this is Rosewood and it’s been proven time and time again that anything can happen.

One theory validates anyone who has been convinced that the masked suspect is non other than hipster Aria Montgomery.

There’s a few routes the series can go here. Aria could have a bipolar personality disorder, she could be Mary Drake’s OTHER child (making her Spencer’s sister if we’re to believe that Mary is her mother) or she could have inherited a mental disorder from her uncle Scott.

Forgot about Scott? We don’t blame you. He was very briefly mentioned in season 2 when Byron was afraid Mike’s odd behavior might be because of his “family history.”

We never hear about Scott again and Byron never really explains what happened to his brother so it could have been a red herring.

Or, Marlene King wanted us to forget about it until now, when she could finally connect all the dots.

The questions, “Was he at Radley? Is he still alive? Could he be the mastermind because all of this?” all come to mind and it makes sense, almost every A has had a history of mental illness.

Since “all roads lead to Radley” it would only make sense that the finale would tie everything together, despite how controversial portraying mental illness patients as villains may be.

One possibility is that Aria inherited Scott’s traits. Another that she’s the love child of Mary Drake and Scott.

And given we don’t believe her when it comes to being Spencer’s mother, the other child could actually be Wren, since I refuse to believe that the British hottie isn’t involved in some shape, way or form.

It seems like Lucy Hale, who plays Aria on the hit show, may have confirmed that the girl we thought was just artistic has been harboring a very dark secret.

“You’ll see a dark side of Aria,” Lucy told HollywoodLife about the new Aria making her way out in the upcoming 10 final episodes.

“I was so excited because they finally gave Aria something really dark to do. So these last 10 episodes are my favorite, at least for Aria. You get to see a not so nice side of her,” Hale added.

“Not nice” in this case means she might definitely turn against her core group of friends.

 “She may or may not betray her friends. So it was cool to get to do something a little different,” she said.

Interesting…. tell us more.

We hate to say it but when it comes to the liars, Aria has been the one that’s been spared the most by A.D’s antics.


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