By Lizzy Buczak

With just 7 episodes left of Pretty Little Liars, you’d think the writers would attempt to deliver high intensity, drama-filled and substantial episodes but this week, all we got was the usual fluff of writers trying to kill time. Unnecessary for sure, considering we have SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS AND SO LITTLE TIME. Can you tell I’m frustrated?

A.D playing with the girls and turning them into the worst and darkest versions of themselves is thrilling but at this point, expected.

Much of this week’s focus was on A.D making Emily his next target using Alison’s mini, albeit more dangerous, twin. Everyone meet the new generation of Rosewood High’s bullies and liars.

Addison, which literally rhymes with Alison if you didn’t make the connection, pushes Emily’s buttons and launches a diabolical and unsettling plan using the Emily-Alison-Paige triangle. Her first attempt? Turning Paige against Emily by showing her a picture of the two being “touchy” and saying Emily is inappropriate with students.

Since Paige has dealt with this type of mean girl before, she didn’t get sucked in but rather promised Emily to put out the fire before it begins. That wasn’t A.D’s plan however and Emily had no other choice but to take the bait and play the game, lashing out at Addison with a monologue probably aimed at Alison circa season 1. I will say, compared to the other girls, A.D let Emily only attempting to unleash “dark” side. Unless the goal is to have Emily continue getting down with her bad self in order to beat him, losing the goodie two shoes she’s always been in the process.

Once Em completes her mission (yes, even after she said she wasn’t playing anymore leaving the girls to think that they’d lost a trooper), A.D left her the next piece of the puzzle. According to Spencer, when they all take their turn, it’ll reveal a map that leads to something – maybe quite literally the end?

We know that Ezra and Aria will eventually end up getting married because if any couple is #endgame it’s them… well besides #Haleb of course. Before we get to the happily ever after however, we have to get through Aria wallowing in self-doubt as Ezra continues to be the hero for his ex-not-fiancee. Aria had to make that clear with the reporter who still made the jab, “there’s two of you?”

To clear her mind, she turned to Holden, who allowed her to get it all out on the tomatoes and other veggies needed for his catering order. Aria reached a boiling point when a photo of Nicole and Ezra embracing went viral and decided to pay the ex a little visit. Then things got awkward because Holden chased her down pleading “don’t” as if she was going to go poison this girl with salt water taffy. Does he know something we don’t know about Aria? Is she A.D? Did he just want to stop her from self-sabotaging? Or was this his brilliant plan to lure her away from Ezra because let’s be honest, he never liked him. When Aria took his advice, he swooped in offering a dinner and a shoulder to cry on. I’d say, he’s definitely making his move.

Hanna and Mona continued to focused on their new fashion empire, being the bad bitches that they are… well at least Mona. Ever since A.D entered their lives, which seems like forever, Hanna has lost her confidence, especially when it comes to her work. Mona has been there steering the ship, which Hanna appreciated for the most part until she stepped out of line and showed one of Han’s personal designs to a client.

Initially, it’s unclear why Hanna is so against promoting the specific dress but soon we realize that most of the design was influenced by her dragon of a boss, Claudia, so she’s not sure if she has the right to use it. Caleb’s theory is that Claudia was a raging biatch so yeah, Hanna has every right. We’ll see about that. Things take a horrible turn when somehow, Jenna gets her hands on a WHITE version of the dress and the girls know A.D is behind it.

Needing answers, Hanna and Caleb track her down to Philadelphia with her blind sidekicks. Of course, while doing some snooping, Hanna is outsmarted by A.D who locks her in a cage, triggering PTSD from that time she was locked up and prodded like a cow. Seriously, Caleb should never let this girl out of his sight – she’s always getting the worst treatment from A.D!

Speaking of, Jenna, she’s clearly back in town and causing a hubbub. She made her entrance at the police station telling Detective Marco a sob story about how she was used as a pawn to do Noel Kahn’s bidding. Spencer knows it’s a lie and so do we, especially since we saw her hanging out with A.D reading a braille book that explained all about this supposed #EndGame. Without any proof, however, the Liars have no other choice but to play the game and hope they strike gold. Yeah, right.

Other Moments

  • Spencer found out that her sister Melissa doesn’t know about Mary Drake being her real mother. Considering Melissa has always been really suspicious, the question is – what did she know?
  • Spencer enlists hottie detective to find her mama, even showing him the letter, but never admitting where she found it. “Oh you know, around the house while dusting.”
  • Her mom does know that she’s selling the house because “it’s time to get out of Rosewood.” You think? I think it’s past the time.
  • Sidney was mentioned multiple times and I had to think really hard to remember if she died. She didn’t and the Liars think that she’s Jenna’s seeing eye dog and the one controlling the board game.
  • We still have no idea who Charlotte’s dad is, who killed Charlotte and where Mary Drake is.
  • Why aren’t we getting answers?
  • Is Yvonne okay? Is Toby still going to marry her? Where is #Spoby when you need them?
  • Where is Lucas?
  • When will we see Wren.

The Dialogue Was on Point This Week 

Emily: “I park in the faculty lot now, ok Hanna” – Emily’s response when Hanna assures her she’s “still in high school” 

Aria: “She has balls the size of church bells” – Spencer referring to Jenna’s bravery for returning to Rosewood… again! 

Seriously… I just need so much more in this last hurrah. If the finale doesn’t meet all my expectations, I will curse the day I watched the pilot and got sucked into I. Marlene King’s twisted world of mysteries and A.


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