By Lizzy Buczak

Want to re-live the thrills of the Wold Series games?

Instead of an emotional rollercoaster, you can ride an actual rollercoaster temporarily named after the Cubs.

It all goes back to last fall when the Cubs were gearing up to take on the Cleveland Indians in Game 1?

Six Flags made a bet with Cedar Point; the loser had to rename their signature attraction with the winning team’s name.

As we now know, since we’re in the future, Cedar Point lost and is paying up by changing the name of the “Top Thrill Dragster” to the “Top Thrill Cubster.”

The park said in a statement

In addition to the ride’s entrance sign changing over to the new look, each of Top Thrill Cubster’s sleek, drag-racing trains will reluctantly feature the new logo.

The ride, standing at 420-feet-tall and accelerating to speeds of 120mph, will only keep the name May 6th and 7th.

Cedar Point is even sweetening the deal by adding on a take home souvenir on-ride photo, which comes with the Cubs graphics.

“Special tee shirts will also be available for guests to proudly display this terrible turn of events,” the press statement said.

They also posted a video of the staff dancing to “Go Cubs Go” back in November.




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