By Lizzy Buczak

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you don’t feel like going out to fancy restaurants, we have something better for you – a list of 10 best movies to watch with your mom on her special day.

So order in your favorite meal, make some popcorn and enjoy some movies about motherhood and the messy, yet charming relationships between parents and their children!


1.Freaky Friday

When Lindsay Lohan was in her prime she starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in a movie about the ultimate switcheroo! Mom and daughter find out what it’s like to live each other’s lives and learn a lot about empathy in the process.


2. Juno

Juno MacGuff find out she’s pregnant after a brief fling with her friend Paulie and decides to put the baby up for adoption. The search for the perfect parents begins and Juno learns a lot about herself in this coming of age film.



3. The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel is a cancer patient who falls in love with fellow cancer patient Gus after her mom convinces her to go to a cancer group and make some friends. For the first time, Hazel feels alive as she embarks on an adventure she’ll never forget, all while learning to to cope with the inevitable idea of death.

4. Steel Magnolia’s

The 1989 film is a mother’s day staple about a beauty shop owner from a small Southern town and her employees, including daughter Shelby. The ladies thrive in their sacred space and deal with the curveballs life throws at them with humor and strength. Not to mention the star-studded cast: Sally Fields, Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts!



5. The Kids Are all Right

Jules and Nic are a married couple who are in for a surprise when their kids track down the sperm donor father used to have them and form a relationship. It’s a sweet look at unconventional families and a bond between parents and children that cannot be broken.



6. Cheaper By the Dozen

What’s better than 1 child? 12 children! Cheaper by the Dozen is a family comedy about a high school football coach who is left to manage a chaotic household while his wife goes on a book tour. It’s hilarious, vibrant and most of all, relatable.


7. The Sound of Music

A charming and iconic musical of a woman who leaves an Austrian convent to take care of the children of a Naval office widower. Mother’s alike have fond memories of the film from its debut in 1965.


8. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day follows multiple characters who are somehow intertwined on the holiday. Some dread it because they have to see their ex-husband with a much younger woman, some have to lie about the family they have and others are struggling all on their own without any interest in ever becoming the “M” word.



9. The Guilt Trip 

Barbara Streisand plays an overbearing mother who goes on a road-trip with her son Andy, which changes their mother-son dynamic forever. It’s a sweet depiction of how much children don’t realize they need their mother’s, no matter how pushy they are.

10. Bad Moms 

Amy’s life is perfect – she has a great husband, incredible children and a wonderful career. But that all comes to a breaking point when she cracks from exhaustion and realizes that sometimes, it’s okay to be a bad mom.



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