By Lizzy Buczak

I. Marlene King wasn’t lying when she said someone died on this week’s episode but at this point, those are empty threats because you know she’ll never actually kill off one of the main characters. I’m not saying that I would like to see either Hanna, Aria, Spencer or Emily die but it’s getting hard to believe that A.D is hellbent on vengeance yet none of the actual liars have ever suffered permanent consequences. I guess ruining their lives day in and day out brings him/her/it enough joy.


On this week’s Pretty Little Liars, the writers made it very clear that whenever something good happens to anyone in town, it’s followed by death. In this case, Yvonne’s death. After she came out of her coma, Toby asked her to marry him and that pretty much sealed her fate. You know the writers won’t let Toby end up with anyone but Spencer and it’s unsettling that the writers just sacrificed her for ‘ship’ sake because they don’t believe in letting a realistic relationship flourish. It’s too late to say now but Yvonne she should have run as far away from Toby as possible when she met him – it’s been proven that getting involved with anyone associated with the core group of girls is simply just a new way of asking to be killed.

Spencer, who spent most of the episode in mending her broken heart (literally, gun shot wound) with Marco, was somehow right there for Toby when Yvonne took her final breath. Despite how absurd and predictable it was, seeing Toby fall to the ground in hopelessness still broke my heart. But not enough to make me shed any tears because once again, he should have known this would be the outcome. With that being said, Spencer should probably cut Marco loose. He’s already very involved with the mystery of Rollins and received a FINGER, presumably the finger of said con-artist husband, from A.D. You know the fate of detectives on this show, the ratio is not working in his favor.

It was Hanna’s turn to roll proverbial, and literal, dice this week and while I wouldn’t say her experience was much worse because I’m sure all the liars feel threatened and bullied, Hanna’s was a bit more gory and targeted something she’s always felt insecure about – her body. (Thanks Alison.)

After making it on the front page of Rosewood’s newspaper for her designs, she was slammed by a fashion blogger who insisted she stole the designs from her nasty old boss Claudia. The accusations came right as Hanna and Lucas were supposed to meet with investors and it had A.D’s fingerprints all over it. Or should I say Sydney’s fingerprints because that’s who supposedly took the picture and sent it in the blogger. Either Aria and Emily’s sleuthing skills have improved drastically or this was the stupidest story set up in the history of story set ups. I’d got with the latter. I mean, Sydney was just STANDING in the red carpet picture snapping that photo almost waiting to get caught.

A.D took the sabotage a step further by sending her a creepy mannequin of herself that she had to perform surgery on. It was hard to understand what the mannequin was made of but Hanna was ready for A.D’s antics, prepping an operating table that Dexter would have been jealous of. As she cut into  what I’m assuming is rubber to mimic the human body, blood, I hope fake bloods, spilled everywhere. The scene was enough to make those faint of heart a bit queasy. Hanna took it like a troop, as always, although I couldn’t help but wonder how she disposed of the body. Walking out through your front door with it would raise some serious concerns from bystanders and neighbors alike.

Inside the mannequin was a design hat would guarantee Hanna would offend the investors and ruin any chances at living out her dreams. That is if she ever made the meeting.

Moments before stepping on the elevator with Lucas, she was informed that Caleb was in the hospital. (These girls should have a monthly parking pass by now). Caleb, who was finally informed about A.D’s boardgame, was determined to put an end to it and was gassed by some poison in the process. That seems to answer my question of why they can’t just throw the game out and refuse to play. If our very own whiz kid couldn’t figure out how this thing is being powered, it basically means play the game or suffer the consequences, which Hanna did when she lost the game, proving that she won’t go all the way to save her friends. I’m assuming her special prize would have been Rollins’ finger, which was now in Marco’s possession and would undoubtedly lead him to the corpse and thus, to the murderers. And somehow, I don’t see “self defense” as an excuse. And no prize means no puzzle piece, which prevents the liars from figuring out the game.

Now back to the person Marlene King and friends want us to think is A.D, Sydney. Aria and Emily didn’t have much to do this week so they to get to play stalker for a day, to their only connection to A.D and quite possibly Jenna. They uncovered that Sydney was paying for Jenna’s eye surgery through anonymous donor A.D, even after Sydney swore that she was done with Jenna because her games were getting deadly. We don’t believe you Sydney, not now, not ever. Aria enjoyed roughing her up a little too much (Namaste bitches) but it was all worth it because she was able to put a tracking device on her. So is Sydney just another pawn in A’s game or is she the brains behind the operation?

I’ve mentioned my “Aria is A.D” theory once or twice and much like Emily, I couldn’t help but notice that Aria was a little TOO GOOD at all the tech stuff. She claimed Caleb taught her how to tap into Sydney’s phone just that morning but she seemed like a pro. Is this a subtle hint that Aria is somehow involved or better yet, the ringleader in charge?

A.D is useful in the sense that Aria has had enough on her plate to keep her mind off of Ezra and Nicole. That is until she saw Nicole’s TV interview in which she said the thought of seeing Ezra helped her survive her kidnapping. She was understandably upset but that faded the moment she walked into her house and found Nicole sitting there in the dark. Seriously girl, this is Rosewood, you DO NOT sneak up on people like that. Her visit obviously means that Ezra told her about his engagement but what does she want? Why is she waiting for Aria?! At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole was never kidnapped and had been working as A with Ezra this entire time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We’re down to 6 episodes before the series finale. Do you think we’re making the progress we should be towards the truth? How do you feel about Yvonne’s death? Should Marco leave town ASAP? Will Hanna and Caleb get married? Where was Alison this week and when will she tell the girls about her pregnancy? It seemed like the yelling baby sounds coming from the phone were a hint to the liars but they were all so fed up and tired, none even made the connection, not even Emily, who knows the truth.

Where is Jenna hiding out? Is she with Mary Drake? Is Peter Hastings with Mary Drake? Is Melissa with them? Are they all A.D?!

Sneak peak at next week’s episode. A.D kind of shows his face to Aria and tells her that Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in Aria’s file, he’d definitely pick Nicole but it would also land him in jail. None of the other Liars have kept such suspect secrets – what could Mrs. D possibly have on Aria that would be THAT bad? And why would it land her fiancee in jail? Maybe he’s behind her death, since we still don’t officially know, who killed her and it’s said we will find out next week. Could it mean Aria knew this whole time also and kept it a secret? Things aren’t looking good for you girl.


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