By Lizzy Buczak

Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino made it rain glitter during its debut as customers lined up to try that first sip.

And after that, everyone was disappointed, especially those who found out they’d just inhaled 66 grams of sugar in one sitting without even knowing it. (It’s all in the labels people.)

No one was more disappointed than a local coffee shop in Brooklyn however.

TMZ reports owners of The End have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks claiming that they ripped the Unicorn Frap idea from one of their creations. (There’s had star sprinkles instead of glitter, just saying.)

The lawsuit states that the two drinks – theirs a Unicorn Latte – are eerily similar, right down to the color and lack of caffeine.

The End has been serving the drink since December of 2016 and it seems like they want to put an “end” to Starbuck’s mythical Instagrammable concoction. (Please do.)

In addition to financial damages and an apology, they want Starbucks to refrain from using the word “unicorn” when referring to any of their drinks.

Now I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that the term is so vague, you can’t actually stop anyone from using it. Unicorn bagels, unicorn muffins, unicorn coffee, it’s all a possibility.

Starbucks seems to know that too because a rep for them said that they were inspired by a recent upswing in unicorn popularity on social media and will continue to use it as they please.

Who do you think will win this storybook showdown?


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