By Lizzy Buczak

We finally got a good amount of answers on this week’s Pretty Little Liars, including the identity of Mrs. D’s killer, but none of them were shocking. In fact, they were all right in front of us this whole time, just waiting for someone to unravel one of many strings.

Now, like most revelations, it was hearsay and could very well be a lie Peter Hastings, who finally returned to Rosewood, made up to save face. Let’s not waste any more time, we’ve waited long enough. Supposedly, Jessica’s killer was her twin Mary Drake, which would feed into that eerie story Alison told during the Halloween episode. Spencer has remained optimistic that Mary is sane while Peter is adamant on making his daughter believe she’s a monster hellbent on revenge. Who could blame her though? He DID take her baby from her.

We got some clarity on the first Mary Drake sighting with a flashback to that random time Jessica was snooping around Spencer’s room after she was released from Radley. Peter claims it wasn’t Jessica but Mary, who came to get the aforementioned revenge. She then reportedly killed her sister and buried her in the Hastings backyard. Alright, maybe she’s a little psycho.

There were a few more major reveals this week that may or may not lead us to A.D’s identity. I’d say the biggest one, although the least shocking since we all called it, was that Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby. As Emily put it, A.D took it too far by playing god and stealing her eggs to impregnate Ali. The whole reveal was heartbreaking, from Alison being forced to craft a registry, to contemplating an abortion, to realizing that all of this was A’s twisted plan, to forcing children onto Emily, to bonding both of these women for life in unspeakable ways. How cruel can this creature be?

Cruel enough to manipulate Sydney into doing his or her dirty work. Aria became desperate to remove herself from the game after A.D began video calling her and taunting her with a secret found in Jessica’s file on her. Whatever this dirty little secret was, A.D claimed it was enough to force Ezra to chose Nicole, who would visit him in jail.

Aria decided to sell her soul to devil basically and meet up with A.D in an effort to break free. While most people would hoof it the other way, Aria entered A.D’s lair-on-wheels (the limo) to get some answers. There, she came face-to-face with Sydney, who admitted that she shot Spencer in the blind school. When Aria asked her why she’s doing all of this, she responded with a vague “it’s better to be on the winning team.” Does that mean that the liars’ #endgame is a loss regardless of whether or not they play? And who is she so scared of? Sydney may have had her most badass face on but it’s clear she’s just A.D’s mouthpiece and terrified of upsetting him. But who is it? It can’t be Jenna, since it seemed like the person in charge was driving the car.

Watching Aria betray the girls and see them suffer at her expense stirred up an anger inside of me. How dare she think that she should get off easier because her relationship with Ezra has been on the rocks because of Nicole, who finally found out that he got engaged after she was kidnapped. Not cool Aria. How foolish of her to think this wasn’t part of A.D’s game to turn the liars against each other? There’s strength in numbers but if you break one, it all begins to crumble.

Another piece of the puzzle, literally, was Ted. Remember Ted? We haven’t seen him in a hot minute but he was briefly engaged to Hanna’s mom. Hanna’s suburban P.I-led hunt for Mary led her straight to his door but he swore up and down the church pews that he hadn’t seen her. Later he confirmed that Mary was a girl he dated in college and that he was Charlotte’s father. He’d met his daughter during a camp for troubled boys when she was still Charles at the time. The other boy in the picture, who he claims was Charles’ only friend, is to everyone’s surprise Lucas Gottseman. The same Lucas who just gave Hanna a place to stay and a business to keep her occupied. I mean, how did we not see it? Lucas giving Hanna and all the liars a fancy place to stay basically ensured that he could spy on them 24.7. And if he was Charles/Charlotte’s only real friend, he’d be pretty pissed at whoever killed her, hence all the torture on the liars right especially Alison, who was mean to him in school.

There are a few reasons why Lucas makes sense. He’s always been a bit suspicious (who remembers that time in the pond where he almost drowned Hanna?) He’s tech savvy and he definitely has the money to run this operation. Liars Lament cannot be cheap. And it seems like he knows about Radley, Charles, the DiLaurentis and Hastings connection since the very beginning, allowing him to thoroughly plan this out for years.  I don’t want to give up on my idea that Melissa and Wren somehow play into all of this but the odds are really not in Lucas’ favor. Although that’s probably what will make him NOT be A.D. If it’s too predictable, it can’t be it right?

It seems like these ladies can’t escape high school no matter how hard they try. That became very apparent for Paige, who attempted to transfer to a job at the University of Iowa because it was too hard for her to be around Ali and Emily, who were constantly whispering in the hallway and harboring secrets. Uh yeah – they’re pregnant. I don’t understand why Paige is back in Rosewood, yet alone the show, and this weeks bike race/cheesy and unbelievable makeout session with Emily only added to my confusion. All I know is Paige is bad news for everyone.

Hanna losing her turn has basically sped the game up. In order to win, the liars have to solve the mystery before the cops do. The problem? Marco isn’t stupid. He’s already figured out that the mysterious finger belonged to Archer and that based on the deterioration, he’s been dead since he went missing. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll connect it to the liars, including his GF Spencer. That’s going to turn ugly real fast.

Thoughts? Are you happy this week’s episode finally delivered some answers that might but possibly won’t, steer us in the right direction?


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