By Lizzy Buczak

Finally, things are getting serious and the stakes are being upped as we near the finale handful of Pretty Little Liars episodes. A week without an episode and I almost couldn’t handle it, that is until I realized A.D was now tormenting the girls by using their own faces against them…. in a way, making them face the ugliest parts of themselves. I’m still not sure what’s creepier, Aria’s video chat face or the game, that we now know for sure cannot be shut down cause we got an expert opinion from someone slightly smarter than Caleb, Mona.

After carefully assessing and admiring the board’s craftsmanship, Mona determines the only way to shut the game down, is the finish playing it…. and hopefully, beat it. (Careful Mona – your crazy is showing!)

Aria Meets the Dark Side

Let’s start with the most puzzling of storylines – Aria’s deception against her friends. At first, it seemed like she was on A.D’s team because she wanted out of the game. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel and naively went for it, thinking that she could outsmart the mastermind. Now, she’s stuck being A.D’s little spy because she wants to protect her secrets, which as the unknown figure hinted, could also land Ezra in jail. What could possibly be so bad that she’s willing to betray her friends and out them to their sole enemy to save herself? Is she just that selfish?

It seems like she’s doing her best to protect and “fix things” and in turn, making things worse. Imagine how they’ll react when she finally comes clean. The one thing that does get better with Aria’s meddling is her relationship with Ezra. When he announced that he was going to “help” Nicole’s parents in Maine, Aria put her foot down and insisted he stay to focus on making amends with their relationship. He didn’t listen but his bizarre run-in with Spencer helped him change his mind and he returned right home to his girl. Is this the end of Ezra’s tug of war between two women?

Spencer… Or Not Spencer?

The twin theory has been floating around well, ever since Alison had one in the books. It turned out that Mrs. D and Mary Drake were twins, then we found out that Mary killed her twin, then that she was Spencer’s biological mother, which could lead us to believe that Spencer has a twin. Look, it wouldn’t be the craziest revelation now would it? I’m only bringing this up because I swear, we were watching two different Spencer’s on-screen this week and one of them was definitely wearing substantially more eyeliner. Hint: it was the up-to-no-good Spencer.

Spencer began receiving messages in a wine bottle from what she believed to be her birth mom Mary. (I’m def going to start communicating with my friends like that, fyi.) After a few rounds, Spencer finally received a meetup address but when she went to check it out, she was confronted by Detective Furey, clearly THE smartest detective to ever reside in Rosewood, which may or may not be a bad thing for the liars. The fact that he’d been sleeping with Spencer doesn’t help her case at all because he insists, no matter how he looks at Archer Dunhill’s murder, all roads lead back to Spencer. Ha, you thought I was going to say Rosewood right?

Furey realized that Dunhill’s credit card was used at the Radley the night that they hooked up. And it was the card that paid their bill… and was signed for by Spencer. That’s also the same night that it road off on a train and sent the cops down a long and twisted road, trying to find Alison’s con-artists husband who used her because he was in love with Charlotte. Lord. Basically, Furey’s onto them and this really stresses Spencer out.

The next time we see her, however, Spencer is arguing with Wren Kingston at the airport. Yes, THE Wren Kingston has made his epic return and solo, as in, without Melissa, who he was still supposedly dating. It’s unclear what they’re arguing about but if this isn’t Spencer’s twin, it probably has to do with why she allowed herself to get drunk and careless and use Dunhill’s credit card to pay for drinks.

When Spencer spots Ezra eyeing her from across the room, she awkwardly calls him over to introduce the former Radley doctor, who she then explains helped sneak Charlotte in. Then she asks him not to tell anyone that he saw them together, specifically Furey. Seriously, what’s with the shadiness Spence? Or should I say Spencer’s evil twin? Or better yet, bipolar Spencer? Something is definitely up.

Lucas Has Always Been Up to No Good

Last week, Pastor Ted confided in Hanna that he was Charlotte’s biological father. As shocking as that was, the revelation that Charles, pre-transition, and Lucas were best friends, provided some insight into a potential new suspect. If you think about it, it really does make sense – the girls are staying at Lucas’s place where he always has eyes on them, he’s a technology whiz, has the funds to pull off all the elaborate schemes, including turning the city into a dollhouse, gained the liars’ trust by befriending Hanna, helped her start her own fashion company before ripping it out from under her and selling their factory space. And the biggest sign of all – he’s always HATED Alison.

Despite all the evidence, Hanna refuses to believe that her dear friend could be behind all of this. “Let’s prove it then,” Emily declares. And they do prove that Lucas is in some way and shape connected after finding a comic that he’d drawn with Charles that basically spells out a story of a boy who was picked on and a superhero who helped him get revenge. I mean, the dollhouse is even depicted for crying out loud! It’s A.D’s playbook in comic book format and NONE of the girls took pictures of it on their cellphone before Aria stole it for A.D to plant it in a locker. In exchange for a deed well done, she received a black hoodie because clearly, those never went out of style.

If we’re to believe that Lucas is A.D then we’re still left with one more major question – who killed Charlotte?

Baby Emison Is Here To Stay

Emison fans can rejoice knowing that these two are going to be end game! Both ladies are trying to process the fact that A.D stole Emily’s eggs, fertilized them and inseminated them into Alison, thus tying their fates together forever… that is if Alison decides to keep the baby. At first, Emily leaves the choice solely up to her best friend but once she confirms that the baby is actually hers, changes her mind. She wants to keep it, which is a difficult thing to ask of Alison but she does. Eventually, she tells Paige, who she still has feelings for, the truth.

It’s unclear whether Emily revealed that they’re still being tormented by A.D because Paige didn’t seem to upset about that. She was actually understanding, knowing that Emily would do the right thing and it would force them to say their final goodbye.

As Emily and Paige’s love story came to an end, she was actually the push start to Emily and Alison’s. Before leaving town, she creepily stopped by Alison’s to ask her if she loved Emily. Alison tried to avoid answering the question, mainly because she knew her answer would be too real but eventually Paige got her to spill her feelings and while she never said love, it’s clear that she has strong feelings. Not only did Emily and Paige get closure but so did Paige and Alison as they seemingly buried the hatchet on their hatred. Later in the episode, a clearly emotional Alison told Emily that she would have the baby with her. “Together,” they both said sealing their fate. It’s definitely risky having a baby when you don’t know who the father is – all you do know is that it’s someone that’s insane. But for what it’s worth, at least we know it isn’t Dunhill.

Thoughts? Who do you think A.D is? Is Lucas actually evil? What’s Aria’s big secret? Who killed Charlotte? Does Spencer have a twin? Will we ever see Emily and Alison’s baby? Will we see Toby deal with the aftermath of Yvonne’s death? Will Furey tie the girls to Dunhill’s murder or will he get killed before that happens?


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