“The only thing scarier than playing this game is losing a friend over it.”

A.D seems to have finally broken the Pretty Little Liars after years of simply just petty torments. Aria seems to be especially broken, dabbling in some black hoodie antics as part of “her turn.”

Marco could not have been more wrong when he sternly warned Spencer that “this is not a game.” As the only respected detective in Rosewood, I have to give him props for getting this far but still not knowing what’s going on right in front of him – granted, how could he? No one trusts the cops enough to actually tell them the truth. The rest of the evidence has been pretty much handed to him with Spencer actually committing murder, getting drunk, confessing about “burying a body” and then using the dead man’s credit card to pay for her drinks. Yep, Spencer self-sabotaged and the girls are not happy about it although really, they probably should focus less on how much she had to drink that night and more on the fact that with or without this receipt, there is STILL a video of them burying said dead body and it’s in A.D’s possession.

Much like I believe that darned receipt is. Caleb and Hanna are really committed to destroying that receipt because they feel like they owe Spencer since she got drunk that night because they got back together. I would also say it has a lot to do with the murderous threats but whatever gets them to get the job done right? When Hanna can’t find the receipts, Caleb decides to just drown the place and destroy everything. Sorry, Mama Marin. Of course, no one realized that the receipt is probably in A.D’s possession this whole time… or inside the game in Spencer’s living room. One or the other.

A.D’s game this week was the weakest it’s ever been – can’t help him/her for running out of ideas after all this time. It’s Hanna’s turn to play Liars Lament and she’s tasked with dropping off something inside a locker – the same locker that granted Aria her black hoodie last week which means, whoever is the gamekeeper must still be stuck in high school…. a quote said this week by Mona. Coincidence? Maybe.

Easy enough right? We don’t really know what A.D will do with the hard drive but I’m sure we’ll find out shortly. In the meantime, Emily and Ali staked out in the shadows of Rosewood High to possibly get a glimpse of the mastermind. Except they got too caught up in the baby conversation and ran after someone, who claimed to be Mona. When they pushed Ali to the ground, Em’s decided it was time to get back home where it’s safe.

Or not safe at all. When they arrived at home they heard clanks and clatters coming from their newly decorated baby room. Upstairs, Aria was destroying everything in sight, even throwing fake blood on the new white crib. I’m appalled. In the tension-filled moment, Emily almost caught her BFF donning the coveted black hood but somehow, Aria found her way outside without being noticed. It’s hard for me to buy that Aria would be SO BAD at sneaking around and lying – she’s done it before. It’s almost as if she wanted to get caught to clear her conscience. Spencer totally caught on to her weird behavior and I’m surprised she didn’t call her out right then and there for being so shady.

The cradle mobile was reminiscent of the good old days when A.D used creepy dolls to torture the girls instead of making them do all the work themselves. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where the girls are so set on trying to make it to the #EndGame, they’re incriminating themselves, committing the crimes and even turning on each other to execute A.D’s plays.

Speaking of end game, it hasn’t even been written yet. I’m talking about the origin of A.D, which we found out from Lucas after the Liars confronted him after he was spotted also acting shady. Through the interrogation, Lucas confirms his friendship with Charles like Ted said. He also reveals that he pen-palled with Charles during high school, not realizing Charles was actually Charlotte. Since he told his friend about Ali’s tormenting and how the girls stood by idly, Charles had motive to seek revenge in the same way they wrote about it in their comic books, Arcturus.

Turns out, there is a second installment of Arcturus that Lucas was in the loft looking for but of course, A.D already got to it. This comic details a revenge tactic using a board game, which sounds awfully familiar. The scariest part of it all is that the comic was never finish, meaning they are currently helping A.D write the end. Look, I’ll be damned if all of this is because of some comic book.

But assuming Charles really did die in that bell tower, someone else had to know about this comic book and also had to have been bullied so badly that they’d want revenge. The only other person that comes to mind here is Mona, who till this day, is being glossed over by the Liars. She said it herself, “how many times do I have to save all of you until I’m part of the group?” What if she isn’t saving them but rather, creating situations for them to prove that they’ve FINALLY learned their lesson and they never do? Wouldn’t that be some psychologically messed up, teach-you-a-lesson type of twist?

I don’t fully buy Lucas’s story either because, at some point, he would have realized that the Liars torment was playing out just like it did in his comics. Not to mention he was on the A-Team and he’s being blackmailed by A.D now? It is, however, possible that Lucas, who just revealed that he was Hanna’s sole investor and lost everything because of her but it was “worth it” because he’s always had a crush on her, actually killed Charlotte for hurting her and her friends. And that too would be an unexpected but welcome twist.

As Aria returns home sobbing because she’s a terrible friend and even worse black hoodie, you can tell A.D has finally gotten to her. He’s taken everything from her, just like he did from Lucas and Spencer, and will continue to if she doesn’t play along because he has something that could “put Ezra in jail.” Which I’m curious about because if it’s just that he dated one of his students well, we all knew that. Or does Ezra have a dark side? Because if he does, and we once thought he did, we should probably find that out BEFORE they get married and sign up for dance lessons. (Sidenote: anyone else annoyed at how Ezra went from “give me time I’m saving Nicole” to “lets talk about our wedding and only our wedding right now.” Like bro, give her some space to just figure this out.)

And finally, for the couple everyone has been waiting for – Emily and Alison have finally made things “official.” With a little push from Paige last week, Alison finally came to terms with her feelings for Emily and told her that she loved her. The two shared their first, real kiss and I’m sure the ship is freaking out majorly. It’s nice to see Alison so vulnerable and giving Emily what she truly deserves but in a way, I feel cheated. Their relationship comes at a time when they are being FORCED to be together. They have no choice but to be a family, even in the most modern of terms, if they want to raise this baby. And to make things worse, the battle will be uphill because they still don’t know who the sperm donor is so this baby might be the spawn of Satan. Hopefully, that isn’t the case but really, this to me feels like an extended revenge plot from A.D, not a happy ending.

With all of the receipts destroyed, Marco promises Spencer that his investigation will now include all of the Liars, which doesn’t bode well for them considering they are definitely involved. And as much as I like Marco, I’m kind of hoping A.D will off him because if you think about it, A.D has always kind of had the girls’ backs when it came time to ACTUALLY turning them over to the authorities.

And let’s not forget my twin theory – it definitely seemed like there were two Spencer’s at play here today right? The one crying at Marco’s apartment and the other one who wasn’t phased by any of his threats when he called about the stolen drive. Either Spencer is really good at getting what she wants or there are two of her. (Also no mention of Wren this week, which is super upsetting because WHY ARE YOU IN TOWN?!)


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