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Season 2 Scoop on 13 Reasons Why

Obsessed with 13 Reason Why? ME TOO!!

So where are they going with Season 2?

Here is some insight straight from Executive Producer Brian Yorkey:

Will “Hannah Baker” be a part of it?

YES! She won’t be the voiceover (like she was in the first season) for the episodes but we’re told that we’ll find out more about what led her to the point she got and that it’s much more complicated that we knew.

Jessica’s Aftermath:

Brian says that Jessica’s story is just beginning. We were left with her confessing to her Dad that Bryce raped her, and it sounds like we’ll get to see the steps she goes thru after and working thru it.

So, Does That Mean Bryce Will Go To Jail?”

Brian hints at perhaps Bryce will get punched in the face by Jessica’s Dad…but says that whether he faces legal action or not is yet to be seen. WHAT?!

Goodbye Cassette Tapes:

So will they just not event talk about them? Not exactly! The 2 boxes of tapes will still be around (the box that was passed around and the originals Tony has) but they won’t be the focus. Allegedly, there will be a “new piece of technology that will be hugely important to season 2” per Brian. What CD’s? A jump drive?!

Will Alex Be Back?:

Yes, but that doesn’t mean he’ll survive! The show will compare Hannah and Alex (since they both attempted to take their lives) and bring to light warning signs that we may have missed for Alex. As for his fate (whether he survives his self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head) is something we’ll have to wait to find out.

I’m nervous! I LOVED the first season (and book) and think they should leave it as is, just in case this next season is messy.

So reading all of that are you still excited for another season?

*Filming has not started. Expect season 2 in 2018.


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