By Nikki

Wondering how there can be a season 2 of ’13 Reasons’ Why when the story ended?? Well, there wasn’t supposed to be a Season 2 but it was so successful, they figured one out.

There are people who might want to tell the story differently than Hannah Baker did. Other characters in the story might have a different perspective on some of those events.

In Season 1, Hannah says it was Jessica who stopped coming to their table at Monet’s, but Jessica tells Clay that it was actually Hannah who broke things off first. So, what’s the truth? Apparently,  that’s a significant part of Season 2.

Season 2 will also focus on  those Hannah left behind, including Clay, her parents, and Jessica, whose own healing process will be integral to the season.

Obviously, we are dying to see what happens with Bryce. Will Justice prevail or will money save him??

The Selena Gomez produced Netflix show will announce a release date in the coming months. If you haven’t seen season 1, binge watch it this summer!


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