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One Liar Gets Engaged, Another Is Shady on “Pretty Little Liars”

This week’s Pretty Little Liars made it clear – when you’re constantly being threatened by someone, you will make some pretty bleak and irrational decisions. The liars and Peter Hastings are walking proof.

As we near the dreaded but much anticipated (can we find out who A is already) end, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. No one is trustworthy, not even your closest friends who are prancing around in black hoodies and hiding shovels behind your back.

None of the other liars are really noticing that Aria is up to no good because they are too busy dealing with their own mama drama. Yes, that’s a reference to Spencer because you would think that since she was onto Aria’s shadiness in Ali and Emily’s nursery last week, she would piece that the only person RIGHT BEFORE the convo between her father and Mary began blaring throughout the house, was Aria.

She, however, was too preoccupied with her broken family. A.D just outed her dad as conspiring with Jessica to kill her mother, which gave Mary motive to finally take out her sister. This led to Mrs. Hastings forfeiting her seat. She might not be threatened by A but she knows it’s only a matter of time before someone uncovers the truth and she goes down looking like a crooked politician.

Spencer is also dealing with a very persistent detective, who she was once romancing possibly to get him in her “corner” as he put it. Furey is the type of dude who wants to solve every cold case in Rosewood and trust us, there’s a lot. His determination is admirable but wasted considering he doesn’t know half of what’s going on and is simply assuming all the liars are involved, which is a safe assumption. When are they not? He pretty much figured out that Spencer is involved in Rollins’ death and that Caleb and Hanna teamed up to discard any evidence he would find to prove it.

You have to give Spence props for holding her ground and threatening to out their relationship when he was stalking her. Should have known better than to give her something to hold over you Detective.

Still, Mary Drake managed to slip right under his nose, forcing Spencer to drive to the Lost Woods Resort where they could “chat in private.” Seriously, did NO ONE think to check this place when they were looking for her? Anyways Mary promises her that she didn’t slip the video and then asks her to run away with her so they could get a fresh start. Sounds totally sane right? Thankfully Spencer doesn’t bite, telling Mary she has to stay in this godforsaken town for her friends and family, but she does forgive her, for what it’s worth. It seems like that’s the last we’ll see of Mary unless of course, she’s the mastermind behind all of this and Spencer is wrong to believe in her innocence.

Aria was, unknowing to all, betraying them and playing an extended version of her turn with A.D who was taunting her with a terrible Aria face swap. Enough Snapchat for you A.D! After destroying her BFFs nursery, she thought she was done driving the crazy train but then she had to go and ruin a whole family just to get back parts of her file, which apparently contained a note she once wrote about Ezra being a creep. Does anyone remember this? I surely don’t. She never filed it anyway but there’s no statute so if A.D wanted to, Ezra’s whole life could be ruined and he’d be behind bars. That’s definitely not something that makes you want to tango. A.D’s taunts and those dance classes even gave Aria black-and-white “Jailhouse Rock” dreams with Mona delivering a vocally impressive rendition. I’m here for it.

I’m also here for Mona once again playing on both teams. As much as you’d love to trust her, her sudden interest in being “one of the liars” and that damn game was suspicious. Hanna may believe her intentions are in the right place but Spencer and the others are weary… and for good reason. Aside from Caleb and Lucas, Mona is the only one with the tech chops to pull off a game like that.

When she refused to help Emily or even let her into her apartment, it was a clear sign that Mona is up to something, but has she resorted to her old ways? The lair set up detailing everything – Mrs. Hastings campaign, Liars Lament, the shovels that they used to bury Rollins would indicate so but I doubt it. If she was in on it, she wouldn’t go through the trouble of pretending to be Emily’s GFwhile Alison was visiting Jason in Florida because yes, he’s one of the lucky ones to have fled Rosewood and not gotten hit by a car, kidnapped or whatever else. She would have known who the sperm donor who impregnated Alison was, not have to threaten a doctor into telling them.

Aria and Ezra complaining about wedding planning convinces Caleb that he want to make Hanna his wife. When Ms. Marin finally comes into town, he asks for her blessing during dinner and while it’s romantic and cute, you can’t help but wonder if it’s real or if he’s just trying to distract his future mother in law from asking questions about the leak and 10-minute lapse in security.

Hanna is also uncertain about the validity of the offbeat proposal but Caleb assures her, if he could find a bear who could marry them, he’d do it right there in their off-the-grid tent. That works for Hanna who came prepared to celebrate with champagne and cigars, which served as engagement rings. Seriously, could these two be any cuter and lowkey? I love that Hanna, who you’d think would be the only liar to want an extravagant wedding, is fine with just getting hitched in a tent. That’s true love. #Haleb forever.

I’m sure we’ll get to see their proper wedding next week. Who knew that they’d beat Aria and Ezra to the alter?

Marlene King wasn’t kidding when she said PLL will be filled with #endgame couples. Aria and Ezra are engaged, Hanna and Caleb are technically already married and Alison and Emily are expecting a baby together. Where’s Spencer’s happy ending? Will she reconcile with Toby, who we haven’t seen in forever but just assume is out there mourning the loss of Yvonne?

And for more pressing questions – where are her twin and Wren? They have to still be in town. His brief appearance in an episode couldn’t have been for naught. Plus the main mysteries – who is A.D and who killed Charlotte?

Thoughts on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars?


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