By Lizzy Buczak

We’ve all been there. We’ve all walked in through those sliding doors with a few things in mind, only to get sucked in by the Target vortex and emerge hours later with shopping bags filled with things you NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED but couldn’t resist buying. (Seriously, I SMILE when I walk into the store, anticipating the unpredictable adventure that awaits me and my credit card.)

Turns out, that doesn’t just happen on accident. It’s all a strategically crafted set up by Target to keep you in the store longer and buying more.

The secret? The store plays ZERO MUSIC.

You’ve probably never noticed because you’re too busy carelessly loading up your cart with things from the $3 dollar section, swimsuits, shoes, makeup, chips, wine, toilet paper, home goods, pet supplies, etc.

Unlike many of its competitors, Target has opted to keep the store silent.

However, The Minneapolis Business Journal reports that select stores have now been testing out background music.

The new playlist, according to a spokesperson, will be “upbeat, positive and has a playful personality.”

Here’s the problem – while silence may have led us to spend more time in the store, music could increase our productivity, which means we might buy MORE in less time.

We’ll never be free from Target’s grasp…. and we kind of like it.


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