By Nikki

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade is Sunday in Boystown. If you show up at a Pride Party with a tray of these…you’ll be a hit!!

I made these, super easy. Just get all the colors of jello you want to layer, your liquor of choice and clear shot glasses.

1. Mix the blue Jello powder with 3/4 cup boiling water, then throw in a couple of ice cubes and stir, allowing the mixture to cool to around room temperature. Once no longer warm, add 3/4 cup liquor, and pour your first layer into each shot glass. Place shot glasses in the refrigerator to solidify (30 to 60 minutes).

2. Repeat this process with the green Jello mix, then yellow, then red, pouring each layer on top of the last, allowing each layer to solidify in the fridge before adding the next.

3. The cherry. Place it in when about half way filled up cup.

Then literally…TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!!

266055 3305792733741 782703326 o RECIPE: Celebrate Chicago Pride This Weekend With Rainbow Jello Shots!


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