By Lizzy Buczak

Rob Kardashian’s heated social media tirade against Blac Chyna is damaging on so many levels.

In a series of Insta posts published yesterday, Rob shared intimate details of his relationship with Chyna including nude photos, Snapchats of her in bed with another man and screenshots of text messages that were sexual in nature.

To paraphrase everything that happened: he believes she’s cheating on him and sleeping with multiple dudes in the bed that they share, in the house that he pays for. He also accused her out doing drugs (which he referred to as a party pack) and doing them in front of the children. He claims he pays for her house, her mother, her jewelry and her cars. And lastly, that she only had a baby with him out of spite to piss off her other baby daddy Tyga, who was dating Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian’s half-sister at the time.

Now, if all of this is true, his anger is understandable but the way he went about it is not only trashy it’s ILLEGAL.

Posting exploitative photos of another person on the internet is called REVENGE PORN and it is punishable by law.

Chyna obviously knows that and her attorney, Walter Mosley, said she’s definitely thinking of lawyering up.

“If Chyna were to sue Rob [in civil court], she would certainly be able to take into account all the damages she would suffer, not only from the irreparable emotional impact, but also from the costs that would go into her gaining control over the [spread of] the images,” said New York baed attorney Carrie Goldberg.

Not only could this cost him a lot of money in damages but he could also his 7-month old daughter Dream, whom he shares with Chyna.

Obviously, that would hurt him the most considering many of his tweets said the only thing he’s thankful for is his daughter and he’ll never let Chyna take her away.

California Divorce Attorney David Pisarra tells that Rob “may lose any custody he has of Dream as a result of his online rants this morning. Blac Chyna has cause to seek a domestic abuse restraining order against Rob for his abuse, harassment and stalking based on the posts he put up and what he is doing to her on social media. She can claim that she is being emotionally abused by his internet harassment by posting these pictures and continuing to talk about it, then a judge may grant a temporary restraining order forbidding Rob from posting online, texting her, seeing her or having any interaction, no contact.”

Word is that the Kardashian family is really upset with Rob and how he handled everything.

Kris Jenner is probably on his case and looking for a way to remedy the situation but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Rob, however scorned, hurt and upset he is with Chyna, should pay for what he did.

In the end, there is no reason to ever slut shame a woman, especially not the mother of your child.

And seriously, who is watching baby Dream? She needs better role models ASAP.


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