Can’t believe it has been 10 years since….

The Britney Breakdown: We have all said this inspirational quote to get ourselves through a bad time  ‘If Britney could survive 2007, I can survive anything’. Fast forward 10 years and Britney Spears is stronger than ever. She showed us she is human, we genuinely worried about her and now hold her on a superwoman pop star pedestal.

img 9794 e1499343806931 ThrowbackThursday: 2007 Cant Believe Its Been 10 Years Since...

iPhone debuted: OMG what did we do before iPhones??? We had brick phones, flip phones and man I loved my purple Motorola Razr.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: This premiered in 2007 and these people managed to changed the world in so many ways…that many of us just don’t understand.

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan:  Both of these girls were in the news everyday and in…jail!!!

Donald Trump:  Trump took down a WWE wrestler in 2007. Think it’s fake news? Here’s video to prove it:

Miley Cyrus: Miley was still Hannah. Yup, let us never forget Hannah Montana.

Beyonce told Jay-Z get to stepping: Beyonce had the #1 song of 2007 with ‘Irreplaceable’. She sang to get your bags to the left to the left…and get to stepping…I can replace you! She didn’t…10 years and 3 kids later Jay & Bey are still slugging it out in their songs.


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