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Katy Perry on Taylor Swift: “I love her, I always have”

In the words of Chanel Oberlin, who will live on despite Scream Queens’ cancellation, “what in the fresh hell is this.”

Earlier this year, Katy Perry pressed the “stop” button on her longtime feud with fellow pop star Taylor Swift.

Now she’s going as far as saying that she “loves” her once mortal enemy.

From foe to friend in a day – that’s the definition of a Hollywood friendship.

“I love her, I always have,” Perry said on Australia’s Today show. “We’ve had our differences but I just continue to say, ‘God bless her on her journey.'”

Love is a strong word for two people who made headlines and recorded songs based on this feud.

Could they really go from bad blood to made up that easily?

All the love and friendship also seems one sided since Taylor hasn’t publicly commented on any of it.

Katy refuel the fire by recording “Swish Swish”, a reported clapback at Tay’s “Bad Blood.”

Shortly after, she forgave the singer and gave a formal apology during an interview with Ariana Huffington.

Meanwhile, Tay has been silent this whole time.

A source close to the singer told Us Weekly not to hold our breaths for Tay’s comment because she doesn’t want to be involved.

“She honestly wants no part of this, that’s why she avoids talking about it. She doesn’t want to engage,” the source said.

Come on Tay, we need you to tell us how you feel about all of this!

Will Katy Perry every be part of the squad?

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