By Lizzy Buczak

With more than 4.6 billion streams, Louis Fonsi’s “Despacito” is the biggest song in the world right now.

That hasn’t stopped some critics from slamming it saying that it’s gone from summer song to slightly overplayed.

Even if you are sick of the song, you probably still dance it overtime it comes on because there is just no escaping those catchy melodies… not matter how hard you try.


However, there’s one country that hasn’t jumped on the Despacito bandwagon or showered Justin Bieber with love for lending his pipes to the hit – Malaysia.

Malaysia has actually banned the catchy tune on state radio and TV.


Explicit and obscene lyrics, which may come as a surprise to those who don’t even know what they’re singing. (Should definitely have studied Spanish harder in high school for this exact reason…)

Critics in the Muslim-majority country, specifically the women’s wing of Malaysian Islamist party, Amanah, complained about the sexual lyrics.

“I see this as a serious matter as the song is being sung by young people without knowing the real meaning of the words,” Amanah official Atriza Umar said in a statement.

 The Spanish language pop song is sexual in nature, describing the pursuit of a love interest, with Despacito translating to “slowly.”



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