By Tyler

The hackers got future ‘Ballers’ and ‘Room 104’ episodes as well as a script for this upcoming week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’.


“Game Of Thrones” is still the most over hyped and overrated show in television history, BUT WHY YOU GOTTA MESS WITH “BALLERS”?  THE ROCK WILL FIND YOU AND DELIVER SWEET JUSTICE!!   All joking aside (with apologies to GOT fans), this is potentially a big deal.  The hackers emailed a bunch of reporters claiming they had all this content and now law enforcement is involved.   Hollywood doesn’t mess around with leaks and hacks.  They have a particular set of skills.  Skills they have acquired over a long career.  Skills that make them a nightmare for people like hackers.  They will look for the hackers, they will find them and they will kill them.   Wait, I think that’s actually from Taken… but either way, they don’t mess around with hackers leaking their content.

The full story from E (exclamation point) can found right here.  



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