If you thought your morning commute on the CTA couldn’t get any weirder, you’re about to be proven wrong.

Starting this month, select CTA trains will be turned into Oscar Mayer Weiner’s.

I’m not joking… the trains will be covered in a large scale wrap that will mimic that of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, something that may please your inner child or tickle your nostalgia bone.

One of Chicago’s claim’s to fame has always been the beloved hot dog but it’s been a touchy subject as of late considering Kraft Heinz’s tricked people into breaking the sacred “no ketchup rule” by letting them slather the “Chicago Dog Sauce” on their dogs. Rude.

However, Chicagoans are suckers for transformed trains, see Christmas trains, so they’ll quickly get over the resentment to hop aboard.

And while we’re not 100% sure why Oscar Mayer decided to weinerize the train, we’re secretly hoping that they’re just trying to make up for Heinz’s trickery and score some publicity.

Anyways… there’s no set schedule for the weinermobile but it’s said to run through early September along the Blue and Brown Line trains.

All aboard the weiner train!


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