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Scientists Prove What We’ve Always Known – Harry Styles Has The Perfect Face

Here’s something that won’t surprise you at all…. Harry Styles has the perfect face.

I know, you’re reading this saying “yeah, One Direction fans have always known that, thanks for being late to the party,” but hear me out, it’s not just an opinion anymore… it’s a SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Harry Styles is perfect.

A new study published by the Center For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery declared Harry the “most attractive celebrity.”

Apparently,  the distance between two eyes, divided by the length of the eye, should equal around 1.618 making a face “beautiful.”

The closer someone’s face is to the 1.618 mark, the more “beautiful” they are.

And you thought math wouldn’t come in handy as an adult.

Anyways, these scientists studied a bunch of celebrity faces and determined that Harry came in at 98.15% of 100%, which in school would have been a PERFECT SCORE.

Even more perfect than his eyes? His chin, which came in at a 99.7%, whatever that means.


The only other 1D member that made the top 10 list was Zayn Malik.

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