By Lizzy Buczak

Lorde was “gutted” last night when she was forced to cancel her set at Lollapalooza due to a weather emergency.

“F–ks sake. i am so gutted guys i don’t know what to tell you,” the singer posted on Twitter. “They’ve told us we can’t play. i had the most spectacular show planned for you and i PROMISE i will come back to play it as soon as i can.”

After just two songs, Lorde’s manager cut her set short as the whole festival was evacuated due to severe storms.

Lorde added that she was shopping the idea of a club show but considering there were roughly 100K people at Lolla last night, it’s unlikely everyone that attended to see her set would get to go.

“This is the most melodrama shit ever,” she added, giving a nod to her brand new album.

In between her first and second song, Lorde said that every show she’s had recently was accompanied by severe winds, storms and rains.

Melodramatic right?

When she said we were going to “conjure the spirits,” she really meant it!

Lorde felt so bad about the shortened show, she posted a video or herself blowing a kiss to everyone stranded in the downpour.





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