The members of One Direction are busy pursuing solo, and successful, music careers.

Still, there’s one question that’s lingering on every fans’ mind – when will they get back together.

Don’t get me wrong, solo 1D is pretty incredible. Instead of one joint album, we get 5 different ones, which are all incredible in their own unique ways.

Aside from the fans, Simon Cowell is probably the most eager for a boy band reunion however.

The Brit believes that the group could “reunite at any time.”

“You know, it’s fun being out there on your own but what I hope is going to happen is that they remember now how much fun it was being in a group,” Simon revealed. “I always believe that you don’t make rules, you break the rules. So there’s nothing to stop them, if they want to, getting together for a tour, for an album.”

He believes that they could even go on with Harry Styles, who seems to be the busiest of the bunch, but agrees with you – it just wouldn’t be the same.

I say, let’s let the boys do their solo things for now, experiment with styles, genres, etc. and then, when the time is right, they’ll bring all that creative genius into one room for an album so powerful, we won’t know what hit us.


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