By Lizzy Buczak

We’re preparing for quite a rare phenomenon on Monday –  a total solar eclipse.

Dubbed the “biggest astronomical event of the decade,” the complete eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and Earth, blocking the sunlight and casting a shadow onto Earth. It last occurred in 1918!

Basically, we might not be alive for the next one if it’s a once in a hundred years event.

Some say that the solar eclipse will be the “end of times,” but honestly, I wouldn’t go out of my way to load up on bread and water.

I would however stock up on some punny eclipse jokes that you can whip out on Monday and impress you friends and colleagues with.

Who doesn’t love eclipse humor? (There’s MORE jokes HERE!)

Here’s where you can watch the eclipse in CHICAGO.
HERE’S where you can get special eclipse glasses because you CANNOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. You don’t want to go blind for this!


How does the moon cut the sun’s hair?
Eclipse it!


 What did the sun say to the moon on the day of the eclipse?
 “Looks like it’s my night off.”


 What kind of underwear should you wear during an eclipse?
Fruit of the Moon!


What’s the moon’s favorite gum?


How do you organize an eclipse party?
You planet.


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